Saturday, October 08, 2005

See you soon....


Peg said...

I always love to see what writers look can take a peek at me too on on the about section. Then we can always look each other in the eye!! ;-0}

Rhiannon said...

Long iron, well I was at peace with myself when I took the photo!"she said sarcastically"..:o)

Peg I checked out your site and saw all your pics. My, how wonderful for you to help and be with all those kids. Kids are really needing so much love and comfort these days don't you think?I'm so glad that your book helps them to learn important things like manners,etc. You know I always made comments to others that I wanted to teach a "manners" class to kids in school,(but I'm not a teacher no degree) because they learn from their environment and many parents do not teach them manners, some teach them how to "not" have manners if you know what I mean? You are doing something so good for the kids and the world. I'm proud to know you.