Sunday, October 30, 2005

More info about me as an Artist....

Since some of you have asked me about my Artwork "history" I thought I'd share a bit with you. This is one of my drawings from way back that I managed to save from a flood in the house I lived in 8 years ago when I was married. The heating water filled pipes in the attic burst in the winter when they froze. I lost over half of my lifetimes Artwork as they were in an upper closet on the top of it. It was pretty devastating to me. I received "compensation" through an Insurance co. but it doesn' t really "heal" the loss. The drawing below still has damage and some others also that I have. Others were lost completely. Thanks to the help of computer technology I have been able to learn how to repair some of the water spots and other damages with some of them, and then make prints of them. By learning how to do this I also ended up learning how to repair damaged and or old photos people have, photos that are "precious" to them. Its been quite an interesting "trade off" learning all this. I have had 3 showings of my Artwork portrait drawings throughout my life. The last time was long long ago. Now my dream one day is to show "all" of my lifetimes work (from beginning to end) to "the world" in kind of like a "biography history" in a fairly famous Art Gallery somewhere. I"ve done some painting but really not into that as I love the drawing and fine lined work much more "Me". I've been drawing since I was about 8 years old, it started out with drawing horses then in time changed to people's faces. I love drawing the eyes and trying to "show a feeling" in them and something in the expression of the face that people might "pause" to "ponder" what is being said through the drawing itself. I've been ripped off a lot by some and not good experiences in selling my Artwork in the past. So I "dream" one day to find someone that I can trust, another Artist, a "trusted" manager, or a professional dealer who is honest and trustworthy and will work "with me" not rip me off or take advantage of me and all my hard work. I am not much of a "salesperson" in dealing with my work (because I'm an Artist!) so I hope and dream "one day" my "dream" will come true! When its the right time I hope!..I have other dreams also but won't bore you with those details right now!..ha ha.. If you scroll all the way through my September archives you will see 6 more of my Artwork portrait drawings, if you haven't already. For this is definitely not my best, but one a relative recently found and sent to me.
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