Saturday, October 08, 2005

Happy Autumn!

Hi everyone,

I hope your all enjoying watching the colorful beauty of the Autumn leaves falling. I just love all these fall colors. After all I am a "fall" person..i.e. I love fall and fall colors are the colors for me to wear as they compliment me.

I'm working hard now on my Fashion clothes display for my buyer. Just unpacked and assembled my large garment rack last night and setting the clothes and things all up, color cordinated and organizing for my "presentation"....which will hopefully be in a few days! Wish me luck! I'm a bit nervous, always get this way before, but she usually loves all my stuff and the way I put it all together. I hope all your weekends are going well. Chat with you soon! Take care everyone....

Happy Autumn with Angel Blessings,


Dreaming_Firefly said...

Indeed, Autumn is a beautiful season. Enjoy it. =)

Long Iron said...
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Peg said...

I too am a fall person and feel every inch this season has to offer!!
OOH and much much luck to you and do post what happens! How neat you are!! Wow, what a talented lady!
Talk to you soon!

Carolyn said...

I'm an October baby, and according to the Color Wheel, I am an "Autumn", and those colors are my favorites. My wardrobe tends to reflect that too.

I bet your presentation looks wonderful! Would love to see pictures of the garments. I am sooo ready for a makeover soon ;)

Enjoyed your visit again and yes, I would love to link!

Kerry said...

dear lady-

thank you so much for the kind words which you left on my blog. i am flattered and humbled by such appreciation.

fall is the season of my soul-it is the most beautiful dance in life. i am alive and full of energy, passion, and vision in the fall!!!!

i read your profile-seems we have similar spirits. my i link your blog?



Bridget Jones said...

Autumn's my fave also, Rhi. Best of luck with your show, but I'm sure that you won't need it....Hugs and blessings, Bridg

Rhiannon said...

Yes indeed Dreaming_firefly its just gorgeous isn't it?

You know long iron your background in your photo has all the autumn colors? Thanks for the thumbs up.

Thank you Peg, well I didn't make or design the clothes but I pick out very feminine unique stuff and put them all together. I was into bohemian and vintage way before it got popular. I love feminine clothes. Its the same when I decorate it just kind of comes together like an "Art" and when I do it I just love putting it all together. I have "dreams" of having my own clothing line or store with "a bit of everything" or something not sure..meanwhile I just keep at what I'm doing who knows one day?


Rhiannon said...

ooh Carollyn so your a Libra? What chinese animal are you then? Do you know your rising sign?

Are you familiar with the style channel? The show on there "How do I look"? with Finola Hughes? People tell me they can see me in that show! people call me the "fashion police" all the time and compliment me on how well put together my "style" of clothes are and asking where I get them etc.I can look at people and know what kind of style and colors and things would compliment them, on a budget, and I have done some of that. First it started out with friends asking for my help but its changing now to more of a "business deal. It all happened accidently! A few in the banking business around here etc. but I would like to do much more of this because I love to see people be so pleased and feeling good about themselves and so it makes them feel good "on the inside as well". I think the most important thing though is getting input from the person, what they like what they feel comfortable wearing or not wearing, not just what I or anyone else tells them how they should look,more of a compromise with some risk. Because they need to be comfortable in "their own shoes" so to speak. And I am good at talking with someone and getting to know that about them and then taking it from there. It actually is part of an Art to me like decorating and putting it all together..not just fashion. This is the only good thing I've kind of inherited from my mother, she always looked so beautiful and well put together no matter what she wore, she had style. And we wore hand me downs that no one knew they were!

I took some photos but probably won't look as good as it did in real life. The lighting etc..but if they come out pretty good I will post a few pics on my blog. I use an actual "real camera" a samsung maxima with a zoom lense, it takes great photos its not a digital camera. I love taking photos just like you do!

See you over at your blog Carolyn, talk to you soon, hope things are going well for you and your feeling better.


Rhiannon said...

Thanks Bridg, it went real well. Took some photos, if they turned out good will post them on my blog..but it just doesn't look as good in pics as in the real life display..oh had to be there! From all the angles etc..