Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Fashion clothes I displayed and sold..

Well a few pics of my fashion display turned out pretty good, but when scanned them they were so dark so tried to put more light on photo express so you could see them better..but didn't turn out as well on pc as I had hoped. You just had to be there to get the full affect!. The short tailored jacket that looks black in the pic is actually dark grape color (so pretty!) with a violet cami underneath. Then there is the very light sea blue "India hippie" type sheer top that has a little shiny blue stone sewn in on the front top, with shiny gold triming. You can't really see the detail in the pic. You can wear it alone (it has lining) or with the short tailored torquoise velvet jacket over it. Then the light blue cami with a dark torquoise shrug type knit sweater over the top of it. The black and rose top is empire and very sheer, with a lining and with shiny sparkly little beads all over the top you can't see in the pic at all. It ties in the back and has flowing sleeves. The red empire type top is actually a maroon cranberry like color, its silklike with a rope wood beaded necklace that is sewn on the neckline which you tie in the back. Very cool! It has slits on both sides of the top of sleeves. The "Tye dye" red, blue and light gold top also has the rope beaded necklace sewn in and ties around back of neck. The black blouse with long sleeves has a pretty blue and silver brooch pin in the middle top part and little light blue beads near the lower middle of the blouse. The Red jacket doesn't look as good as it does in "person" its a hot jacket!...it zips up and few snaps at top of zipper and it is very tailored slim in the waist, its kind of canvassy shiny and very comfy! I tried to show the mix and match how you can change some of them around, make different outfits and layering with a few of these tops and shrugs interchanging. I love putting this stuff together its part of my "creativity" deal..All very feminine. This is only showing the side of the rack displayed not all the clothes on the rack..50 all on the rack! I also had jewerly and scarves layed out that would mix and match with all of them, etc. ..That way when the buyer buys them she can display them out in those kind of ideas and have the accesseries nearby or on display on the clothing themselves. Some of this was for fall and the rest for next spring. I had some dresses also but the pics didn't turn out. Anyway out of the 50 she bought 40 of them!...yeah!..but man did I have to work fast to put it altogether and trying to set up a time with her to come, thank goodness I had things "organized" in my head already so it went pretty fast setting it up! So sorry if they don't look so great in the pics you just had to be there to get the real "picture"..but since I promised I would post some pics to give you an idea of what I sell here and "deal" here they are!. Click on pics to enlarge them.



Savannah said...

I love your blog.
My name is Rhiannon, but I use the name Savannah for my blog.
Well Done!
From Rhiannon/Savannah

sister celtic said...

wow rhi did a great job.. love it.. your a talented natural.. we've dressed like this way before it was "in"... giggle..keep up the good work, fun huh...

Carolyn said...

These are SO pretty Rhia! Do you pattern these yourself? You do a great job putting the colors, fabrics & styles together so they flow well with each other. Darn it, I wish we were sisters so I could borrow your clothes, lol!

With your talents at putting something like this together and selling most of it right away, you should be the next Apprentice! ;)

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday. The day was low key but relaxing. It snowed here so I didn't want to go out anyway.

Peg said...

Hi Rhi, you mean to tell me you actually design and make these clothes?

WOW!! I am going to assume that yes, you do!! WOW!! Just too too cool!!

Rhiannon said...

Oh thank you everyone for your very thoughtful comments! Sometimes its nice to be acknowledged and complimented on things we work hard at. Peg no I don't design these, just am a "buyer" and "seller" finding special stuff then putting them together, I have these "dreams" though but every time I start "other stuff" happens and well I hope one day! I'm a "work in progress" right now or at least trying to be! Actually in the area where I live people are not much into fashion or dressing up or looking good in nice "attire"..their more into wearing big HUGE sloppy clothes and not bathing...sorry but its mostly true!.:o(..Hope one day I can have the resources and "connections" to move from this area.."dreams unwind"..

Blessings to all of you!


Rhiannon said...

Hi Savannah!..thank you and please drop by again soon!

Angel Blessings, to you!