Sunday, October 23, 2005

Simple Wonder

Obivously I wrote this one in the Spring..:o) in time
take time to sit
upon my front porch steps
Listening to the echoes
of a train in the distance...

Birds chirping
and cooing..
the sun,
making water from the pond
ripple with moving shadows and light,
on the cement walk..
ants crawl between the cracks
going about their business.

Deep blue of the sky...
a white whispy cloud
moves by....
I watch it as it passes,
changing into different forms
and shapes,.
through the tall trees
that make for shade
upon the grass beneath....

The pansy flowers
deep red
deep violet....
rich colors
that compliment the sky.

The breeze flows by
lightly lifting tendrils of my hair
across my face..
trees bend
towards the wind...
bee's buzzing by
searching for the brightly colored yellow flowers
they love the best..

The brightly colored glass stones
around the cement pond
the sun shimmering them
to a glorious iridescent aqua, torquoise and green.

These are all the things
I see, feel and know...
just by sitting
on my front porch steps
in quiet...
and looking around me
in simple wonder.

By Rhiannon


Rhiannon said...

I've always been connected with "one" and nature my whole life, regardless of the "good, the bad and the ugly".


Dreaming_Firefly said...

I like the simplicity of this piece of work.
Appreciate the peace and serenity that comes with it. Able to feel the calm within after reading it. Visualising myself immersing in nature. Really beautiful. =)

Peg said...

Excellent piece!!

Carolyn said...

This is indeed a "happy place!" Very evocative piece :)