Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why I will be on here less..but still around.....

I got tagged by Peg (hey thanks Peg) for a dreamtree story. I was to continue it, as it goes along "Bloglife Highway" but I fear I am unable to follow through. I wanted to (a lot) I even had written down my "little part" to the story and I thought it turned out pretty good but I don't want to ruin it for anyone else if its passed on to them, if I were to just type my part only on here would not be fair at all. Because you see I have a farily old pc and its also dial up, and my pc is also very slow, and because its old and tired and a bit messed up (along with it's not able to do what some of you do with just a "click of a finger"!. I also own an "ancient" very LARGE cell phone that its so old that I can only call out and no one can call me on it! lol.. People laugh when they see how large and old it is, and I only use it in emergencies so its fine for what I need. Its a triple A phone can just push one button and there they are if I get stuck somewhere! So anyway what might take some of you ten minutes to post and write on your blog,etc..takes me much longer because of these issues with my pc,etc. I don't have any of the fancy stuff, but I do the best I can. My pc also won't do the cut and paste deal, I have no clue why but also (yes stupid me and dyslexic to boot) even if it did I wouldn't really know how to do it!..:o(. Its strange how I can go into photo express(I'm amazed my pc could even install the disk 2 years ago!) and figure out a lot and be able to do all kinds of artsy stuff but can't do squat in many technical ways on my pc. I am very tenacious though, some who know me tell me they can't believe some of the things I've figured out in my own "weird way" (including computer whiz's who tell me I'm smart but just in "different ways" them most) but I have to really work at it and it takes me more time than most. For you see I'm a right brainer living in a "left brainer world and society", along with being a person with dsylexia. Right brainers work from creativity, feelings, emotions, and we don't always see the world at large in the same ways that many do, in the technical sense...but put me on a stranded island and I am one of those people who will figure out a way to survive for I'm a "survivor" for sure ( I wouldn't still be here if I wasn't believe me) just a tired one right now..:o(...but not like those silly people on that silly survivor show and all that backbiting I was given a test a few years back and learned then that I was most definitely a right brainer. I am smart in other ways but not in the techinical world, try as I may. So, I also wanted to share with you that I won't be able to post on such a regular basis as I have been for a while...its just too time consuming for me with my slow pc, etc. and the responsibilities and things I have to take care of in my life, plust the need to find time to have my "quiet time" in between. However I will try to post one or two of my poems and or my Artwork "Portrait drawings" a week ( you can see 6 or so of my Artwork portrait drawings in my Sept. archives if you scroll all the way through )and also I will touch base with all of you on your blogs on a regular basis....that part is a quite a bit "quick", easy and less time consuming for me to do....:o)...So please keep dropping by for I will still be around just not as much as I have been..

I hope you all won't desert me..:o(... (did I spell dessert as in food or desert as in flat hot land? and will still drop by and check in on my blog and keep in touch okay? For I will still be around..
Thanks so much for all your thoughtful caring words, your kindness and understanding and all of your encouragment, for it means more than any of you will ever know. I hope you like this cool pic above. I've had it in my files for many years now. I got it from the angel eyes web site..there are beautfiul angel pics on there! I read about the story of this painting..... its a painting of the mythological Welsh mare goddess "Rhiannon" of which I very much relate to her mythological story, hence the name "Rhiannon" as my nickname. You would have to read up on how Stevie Nicks came into writing that song its an amazing story. Goddess Rhiannon is always surrounded by 3 birds and is the mare goddess of horses. Her story is a very interesting one and you can find many of her "Goddess" tales on the web. I fiddled with the pic on my photo express and added different colors, light and affects to it. Hope you enjoy it!

Well, until next time "Dream on Bright "Earthangels"...:o) ....Love and peace for this crazy messed up world of ours..".in the chaos is beauty still and always will be".......

With Angel Blessings Always,



Peg said...

It's okay Rhi! Just put at the top of your post, the title, For Mercy's Sake, and say it started at and add your sentence to the story and wuhlah!! You are done!

I know what you mean about time and the lack of, for I too had to cut down and back but I found I work better when I stay active with Pegspen. But my life is different from yours and I write to live. ;-0}
You aren't as different as you think you are for many of us are burdened with abnormalties rather physcial or mental or spiritually but have come together quietly to share the better parts of ourselves and there you too have filled that cup!!
Don't be so hard on yourself for what you feel you may not be able to give of yourself for what you do give touches someone somewhere and even if you never know the outcome or even the deed it does matter and creates a new beginning for someone else!
And that, I believe, is what this world is all about!

You come and go as you please and can, we will be here holding the door wide open!

Take care dear sensitive lady and sail on with the mightiest of storms and wink when you reach the shore safely!
all my love,

Carolyn said...

Yes, what Peg said! Most everything I've ever learned I learned in grade school, then taught myself the rest, including most stuff on computer, lol!

I had a part-time career in music, Rhia, and I can't read a note! I tried so hard but my brain blocked everything about learning voice or musical notations. I still made professional status as a singer, and I play keyboard/piano by ear, and used to be able to do fills on the fiddle, but not good enough to feel comfy playing solo, but I did ok on stage.

My regular keyboard player in the band also played sax. He was a high school music teacher to0. Some of our music we did was stuff like Kenny G, so Scott needed to step away from keybord to play the sax solo's. When he did, I had to step in and play strings on the keyboards. There were other songs we did that I had to fill in on the keys too. Poor Scott, he tried his best to teach me to play the keyboard parts by note, but gave up, although he was amazed at my self-taught style. He cringed at times 'cause I didn't use proper finger placement, but it came out like it was supposed to by some miracle! LOL!

Take care and I'll be back and look forward to your visits too ;)

Dreaming_Firefly said...

Indeed, I was wondering what was going on when I see fewer entries on your blog. Now, I understand why. =)
(^-^)Haha, I think I am addicted to your writings and drawings. Though I may take some time to get used to NOT having a daily dosage of your words, I am grateful that at least you are dropping by as often as you can. =) Nevertheless, it is definitely worth waiting for something good.

You know, it is not so much on the quality of the "tools" people use that determines the quality of their work. Instead, I feel that it is the heart and soul, the efforts people put into their work that matters more.
(^-^) Through your simple techinical means, you have managed and can continue to touch people's lives. Don't you think so? =)

(^-^) Hey, no one is going to "abandon" you. Wholeheartedly, I agree with what Peg said about people coming together to share the better part of them. This sentence means so much, I feel. =) Wow! This is how things seem to be working, isn't it?

Awaiting your work, as usual. =)
Take care.

Blessings to you,
Dreaming Firefly

Rhiannon said...

Thank you, Peg, Carolyln and Dreaming_firely for your encouragement, moral support, kindness and understanding. It means so much to me. Got a few tears in my eyes while I read your comments..:o(..I've been burning both ends of the candle for far too long and its time to reduce my stress, pace myself, get more rest and enjoy my life more, along with "going within" for a bit and getting done what needs to be done now without becoming too frazzled!

I will keep posting my work whenever I can! See you all soon!

Love ya! You all take care now, stay warm and wrap yourselves up in your favorite blankets.

Angel Blessings,