Sunday, November 13, 2005

Wise one..Native American Indian drawing..

This is one of my favorites as I worked so hard on it...all those detailed lines of "wisdom" which comes from age, especially one who was a Native American Indian..oh what wisdom we can learn from so many of them. I showed some of my American Indian drawings in a couple of showings long ago in the past. I sold quite a few but "poor management" ripped me off a bit Its a long story. I had my work displayed in an American Indian Art museum mission in the valley in Los Angeles long ago (where I lived and grew up) and Ronald Reagan with family came in and asked who did this work? He was one of the directors of the museum at the time and told the woman manager who worked there to keep my work on display for another month, as it was only supposed to be on display for about a week. He said he loved my work. That display wasn't about selling my work but about the history and "wisdom" of Native American Indians for tourist that would come in who were visiting the area. This to me was the most important thing I got to do and "share" my Artwork with many. I hope to do it again one day maybe soon all of my "lifetimes" Artwork on display from beginning to end. Something of myself I can leave behind and share with others. When I scanned this the white background turned a greyish color..I hope I can fix that up in time, I'm sure I can now that I have a bit more knowledge about photo express..


Trée said...

Rhi, your drawing here is fabulous. The detail draws one in and makes you wonder about every crease and wrinkle and what may have caused it. Very nice work indeed.

Carolyn said...

So lifelike! He looks like he could just speak to me any second. You do breathe life into your portraits, Rhia. :)

Frances Mackay said...

So glad you have posted more. Particularly like this one. Is he someone you know? wonderful face and beautifully executed. Frances.

phred said...

An old Indian man once said, For a long time here in the land of my fathers father..there was no crime, no taxes,and the women did most of the work..
Then comes the white man..and he calls it progress..
You are very talented..

Rhiannon said...

Thanks Tree, I'm glad it makes you "wonder"..there are some more of my drawings in my Sept. Archives if you scroll all the way down through that month.

You know Carolyn you put the nail right on the head! Thats always been what I've tried to do, show something, a "message from the soul" in the expression, the eyes, maybe..whatever that message anyone may interpret in their own way.

Frances thank you,, no one I know but I sure wish I had!

Thanks Phred, well us women are still doing a whole heck of a lot of work! crime and taxes I would have to agree are out of control. I live in kind of a redneck city also but its more of a meanspirited one where people rarely talk to anyone let alone neighbors, there are lots of "meth" drug selling,etc. Thats why they joke and call it "Methford".People here are so rude and "clicky" you just wouldn't believe it. The autos are HUGE Trucks (with huge wheels!) and SUV'S that they can't afford but like because they are loud and big! Vrrrooom! Where you are actually sounds like it would be a nice place to live. I checked your blog out so thats what I'm commenting on.

Thanks for dropping your welcome anytime..



Rhiannon said...

oops! There goes my dyslexia again! I meant thanks for "Dropping by"...:o)


Peg said...

Oh my heavens!! How real!! WOW!!
I am speechless!!!

David E. Patton said...

I am amaze at you drawing, you are very good and should have a show. Have you sent any of your work out to any magazines or art galleies?
Please send some to Mad Blood out of Evergreen CO. at
Guidelines: SASE to Mad Blood, P.O. Box 1851, Evergreen, CO 80437-1851 or E-mail

Storm said...

I absolutely love this. I really do. Simply amazing work.

Rhiannon said...

Peg is speechless? kidding..thanks I'm glad you liked this Peg, this is a drawing that I put a lot of "blood and guts" into with my whole being.

David, thanks, and yes I've had showings if you read my post(below) about the info I wrote about my Art history you will find some info about that. For now I have this dream of what I want to time...right now I'm working on trying to stay "grounded" and a "plan".

Storm I'm glad to see you again! And very happy you liked this one..its one of my favorites also. With age comes "wisdom"..sometimes..;o)

Blessings to all,


Rhiannon said...

Why thank you Storm..its one of my favorites..



Humour and last laugh said...


Rhiannon said...

No one is to use or copy my artwork
Greg. That's why I have copyrights to it. My work would become your artwork and that would not be right.
So my answer to you would be absolutely not!