Sunday, February 19, 2006

With age comes "Wisdom"..sometimes but not always..

Drawing by Rhiannon (Barbara)..Click on drawing to enlarge. Sorry I haven't posted much of my poetry or writing but I am recovering from a concussion right now and my vision is blurry, along with dizziness and a head that feels like a cottonball! Imagine trying to drive and function feeling that way!..ouch!..:o(


Kerry said...


wow! you are so talented! i wish i could draw like that. but alas, i can't... my personal dance is with words. snd yet, there are times as of late when i think my dance is not what i think it is.. i guess i am just continuing my journey.

i am learning to enjoy the journey more and question the path less. *smiles* tis not the final destination i seek any longer but the walk along side some amazing angels who are journeying along with me...

burning_fingers said...

Your drawing is wonderful. It made me laugh wryly, actually. I have tried wrinkle potions but in the end, the lines keep coming anyway. Your drawing reminds us that aging can be beautiful. Thanks.

sister celtic said...


Caraf said...


THAT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING IVE SEEN IN A LONG TIME (except perhaps my new little doggie)


and heart-touching...

(ps. your blog is such a warm place, i'll be back to read more in a day or two)

jipzeecab said...

Wow...this belongs in a national gallery.
May I join those who are wondering how you hurt your head?
I hope things clear up soon for you.

moon said...

I had to stop by your blog because I loved your comment on Dave's(A bit of this, a bit of that!) blog..about the Jesus article. Was very well said.
Was pleasantly surprised when I saw the beautiful artwork..stunning. But I am so sorry you are not well. Hope your feel better soon. I plan to come back here often so take good care of yourself please.....

Aurora said...

Your art work is amazing! I hope you feel better soon.

Imran said...

It thought it was an old black and white photo, but at closer look, it is actually a drawing. Really lifelike. Very talented!

ardi k said...

Beautiful, Rhi! And be well.

radar said...

Very very nice! You truly have a gift. Get well soon!

Dreaming_Firefly said...

I like this drawing.
It's beautiful... =)

Take good care, Rhiannon.

javajazz said...

wow! if i get a concussion,
will i be able to draw like that, too?
i cant believe you can draw like that, Rhi..!
that is very beautiful and gifted work...
hey, i hope your "bean" is okay, and
just to distract from that area for a moment,
i hadnt seen your response to mine a couple
of posts down for ages, so thought i would respond
better late than never about one bit of it anyway...
you were mentioning that for a while you found you were experiencing some tightness or some kind of blockage in the chakra near the area of your sternum...anyhoo, when i double checked that the sternum was where i thought it was, that kind of vertical strip of a bone that seems to hold our ribcage together, i was trying to determine if it was the 3rd or 4th chakra that was more affected, cuz the bottom of the bone is near the solar plexus but the bulk of it is probably closer to chakra #4 which is (surprise surprise), the heart chakra...! so i went on my favourite site for chakra illustration and explanation, Caroline Myss' site, ( to see what kind of stuff the heart chakra governs, other than the obvious love was great information and i copied and pasted it here to let you have a read, tho her site is way too cool to not go take a look at if you are not already familiar with it...
anyway, the body often gives us hints when we have an emotional/spiritual issue to kind of clean up in our lives, and it will come in all kinds of interesting ways, such as the tightness you experienced, or disease, or other health challenges, and it was interesting that when you spoke your truth from your heart to your mom, regardless of her reaction (which isnt as important as your expressing the stuff), its as if that was what was blocking your body and now having released it verbally, you have also freed up the area it was kind of sitting and stagnating in....thats a very cool illustration of how facing our fears, and speaking our truth can have such an effect on our physical body and health....and how ultimately healing it can be to open up in that way...very cool. and no surprise that you were also sent some kinds of mini models of your mom for you to deal with in your everyday life as if this stuff was gonna follow you around until you blew it out of the water...and then the ghosts will disappear because you took care of business...
anyway enough blathering heres the stuff copied from Caroline Myss' (pronounced "Mace") site, about the heart chakra...xo lisa

Chakra 4

Emotional Power: Lessons in Love, Forgiveness and Compassion

Here lies the powerhouse of the human energy system. From its middle position, the fourth chakra mediates between the body and spirit, and determines their health, strength, and balance. 

Sacred Truth: Love is Divine Power

Emotional energy -- love -- is the central power point and true motivator of your body, mind and spirit.


Center of the chest, heart and circulatory system, lungs, shoulders, arms and hands, ribs/breasts, diaphragm, thymus gland.
Congestive heart failure, heart attack, mitral valve prolapse, cardiomegaly, asthma/allergy, lung cancer, bronchial pneumonia, upper back, shoulder pain, breast cancer.


Love, hatred, bitterness, grief, anger, jealousy, inability to forgive, self-centeredness, fears of loneliness, commitment and betrayal, compassion, hope trust, ability to heal yourself and others.

Questions for Self-Examination:

What emotional memories do you still need to heal?

What relationships in your life require healing?

Do you ever use your emotional wounds to control people or situations? If so, describe them.

Have you allowed yourself to be controlled by the wounds of another? Will you let that happen again? What steps are you prepared to take to prevent yourself from being controlled that way again?

What fears do you have about becoming emotionally healthy?

Do you associate emotional health with no longer needing an intimate relationship?

What is your understanding of forgiveness?

Who are the people you need to forgive, and what prevents you from letting go of the pain you associate with them?

What have you done that needs forgiving? Who is working to forgive you?

What is your understanding of a healthy, intimate relationship? Are you willing to release the use of your wounds in order to open yourself to such a relationship?

Kerry said...


just me checking on yeah. i hope you are feeling better today...

be well. get lots of rest.

thank you for taking the time to comment. i know you aren't feeling well. i appreciate your continued dedication to bloggin, we all do.
yout on in s million snf i mean it.

your friend,


Rhiannon said...

Thank you everyone for your very nice thoughtful comments.

Kerry,I'm totally burned out. Thank you.

Lisa, thanks for all the info. I have and read Caroline Myss's book "Sacred Contracts, awakening your divine potential" so will get that book out and look up the chakra's.

Sister, yes I can make a print available of my Artwork for you, but will have to get back to you a bit later about it, okay?..Thanks. I'm glad you like it...again all those lines were hard to do and the hair was also a challenge, but worth it I feel.

I'll be back in a while everyone but not sure when, probably a week or two. I have to take care of my "personal stuff" "within" right now. I'm going through some very challenging (but also "freeing") times right now. With change comes risk, with risk, comes change.

Angel Blessings to all,


Imran said...

Take care and God bless you.

Carolyn said...

Hi Rhia, sorry I missed you and sorry about your concussion. That's awful-- take good care of yourself. I've been off for a spell with pneumonia. Just getting "out" into the www today but still not up to par.

Loved this post! :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love the picture! I hope you get better soon!!!

Hale McKay said...

First things first - concussion? Are you okay? Prayer for you tonight.
...I love that picture. You are so talented.

Carol said...

What happened, Rhiannon?

Peg said...

A concussion? How in the world did you get a concussion or maybe I am being nosey!!
GEE WHIZ!! WEll you just take care of yourself and get better at a slow pace so all will be well!!
Hope it is soon!!
And that picture is fantastic...You are undescribably talented young lady!!
Just beautiful!!!
Take extreme good care,

Frances Mackay said...

Hope you are feeling better by now Rhi. This must be the period for problems, I'm off more than I am on too at the moment. The drawing is wonderful. You have made her beautiful, wrinkles and all. Actually the wrinkles make her beautiful. The "facing the monster" seems to strike a chord with many mother/daughter relationships. Letting it out is cathartic, I think. All the best. (I wonder what these letter verifications do for dyslexics) - just a thought ;o) Frances.

Nick Zegarac said...

An absolutely magnificent and thrilling artist's rendition. So full-bodied and infused with life that it staggers and defies the one dimensional paper used to bring it into creation.

Carolyn said...

Just checking on you! Hope you're ok now :)

Kerry said...

mail call... trots off to the mail box. it should reach you in a few days...

i hope you are well.

...returns to her attempt to find serenity...

RoxanneShunTAO said...

BEAUTIFUL drawing sis! you're so wonderful and just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. i will be bookmarking you and can't wait to read and see some more deliciousness...

and keep on shaking that booty :)

Kilimanjaro: High and Lo said...

^^^that was me

azure said...

hi Rhi,sorry to hear abt ur concussion..hope u get well soon.
And wat an amzing sketch...its really very beautiful.Do put up some more of ur work here when get well :-)

Imran said...

Hello Rhiannon,
Hope you are feeling better. Already miss your presence in the blogsphere. Get well soon.

Nick Zegarac said...

Dear Rhi:
Thanks for commenting on my blog. Hope to hear from you more often: Yes, I absolutely adore Edna St. Vincent Millay. One of my all time favorites is Second Spring. Here it is...enjoy!

To what purpose, April, do you return again?
Beauty is not enough.
You can no longer quiet me with the redness
Of little leaves opening stickily.
I know what I know.
The sun is hot on my neck as I observe
The spikes of the crocus.
The smell of the earth is good.
It is apparent that there is no death.
But what does that signify?
Not only under ground are the brains of men
Eaten by maggots,
Life in itself
Is nothing,
An empty cup, a flight of uncarpeted stairs.
It is not enough that yearly, down this hill,
Comes like an idiot, babbling and strewing flowers.

Pat Paulk said...

Let me add my well wishes and praises. Rhi...the portrait is amazingingly good!

Rhiannon said...

Thanks everyone for nice comments. I'm back on blog..but not as often. My priorities have changed right now, got to take care of "life" right now..but will be checking in on all of you whenever I can..keep blogging my friends!