Friday, February 03, 2006

Visionary...A Healing for all of us...

Click on the pic to enlarge
and you will see many kinds of faces
and many did you find?
This is not my Artwork
But a beautiful card someone
sent me a few years ago.
I added the text, made a few
changes on photo shop..


Ghost Particle said...

amazing image. Thanx for sharing.

Peg said...

I see three for sure, anymore? I do like that picture too!
How ya been? Good to see you are still going to town here young lady!! ;-0} Take good care, Peg

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I saw 5 other than the people --- am I right?

Carol said...

This is a beautiful picture. I like the way it goes with the words of your poem.

Kerry said...

six... i see six... but wine is a factor tonight so... smiles.

i hope you are well...


Rhiannon said...

Well I was told there is suppose to be about 6 or 7 but hey I only see 3 maybe four other then the two main figure subjects. I saw a bird (hawk?) in the wing, there is some kind of reptile or bird head on top of her head and a profile far to the right end of the pic. Where does everyone else see faces???Andrew and Kerry tell me where you see all these faces?? Or did Kerry have a little blurry vision from a bit of wine?..he he..:-)

They say two heads are better than one but this is a bit ridiculous!..sorry bad joke..I love this pic though isn't it just lovely?


Carolyn said...

I found 5 :)