Friday, February 17, 2006

Dedicated to all the "Courageous Beautiful Girl-Women Souls" out there.

Click to enlarge. I hope you can read it then.
I posted this long ago but thought it was worth posting again just about now! Lyrics from the song "Beautiful Girl" by Sophie B. Hawkins, one of my all time favorite Musicians, Artist, singers and writers.

Love Rhi


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what of you're a cowardly ugly man?

Rhiannon said...

Andrew what do you mean? I am wanting to give moral support and encouragment to some women that I know, who go through tough times on their own who are "beautiful spirits inside" and that I have seen their courage, it just amazes me I'm so proud of them! Their courage has helped me. I think you may have taken this post the wrong way. I'm sorry that you did. There are many of us women out here "struggling" but "surviving" on our own and its not easy believe me.

Your so blessed to have a loving family Andrew..cherish it..I know its not easy for you in some ways, but cherish your family. And congratulations on your new "life" coming into the world soon.



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I understand what you was saying - I was making fun of myself (because of the title)!

Rhiannon said...

Oh, okay I thought you might have been hurt or upset. I'm rather sensitive..thanks for letting me know Andrew. And stop making fun of yourself your a beautiful creative soul.

Have a good weekend. It's cold again here, 19 edgrees last night! Now they keep saying snow but it never happens, so far!


Rhiannon said...

I hate having dyslexia and making so many typos at the same time!..ouch!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

well, it was 80 two days ago and right noow (10:30 ct) it's 35 and snowing! I hate winter!

Rhiannon said...

I know me too..:-)..but I do love snow there's such a purity to it. I get "SAD" during the winter..a lot of people do. You know what I mean?


Hale McKay said...

Nice post and well intentioned. In my job I came across many elderly women who sacrifice of themselves when it is they who actually need the help.
...Sorry i haven't been by lately, but today i am catching up on my blog roll reading.

Kerry said...

hello there my dreamweaver. your post has moved me to tears...

tonight has been in interesting night for me. (aren't they always though?) my yougest daughter, brooke, has been fighting a fever caused by a horrible head cold. my neibhor (a wonderful mother and friend of mine) hovered by myside as we both attempted to break her fever. in the end, we were successful. the fever has currently retreated to where ever it came from. however, during the lighter side of our evening we began to discuss my other daughter makayla and her battle against leukemia. and her is where i learned and felt the world shift...

i had just finished telling lynn that makayla would be two years cancer free this coming may. she smiled and looked at makayla and said she looks fabulous. she then told makayla that she should love her doctors who made her better. i smiled as i listened. she then turned to me and said you know why she is here? i immediately said because of her sister brookes bonemarrow. she said, yes, that too. but do you know why she is here? i just staired at her. and it is now, as i reflect on her words that i realized the truth. she simply said...she is here because of your suppport. because she knows she is loved and who loves her...

so yes rhi, we face so many challenges which cause us to rise to new levels of strengh-ones which we taught we could never succeed at attaining. but in the end, we realize that we are strong and beautiful women. women who need to be reminded that they are couragous and beautiful souls.

thank you so much for sharing this song with all of us. as i continued to heal and trust again i am learning more and more about the beautiful souls of the women who i continue to befriend. you my dreamweaver are a beautiful and couragous soul too. i am blessed to have you suppport, friendship, and love.

dreams come true rhi... i still have my two little women with me tonight. but even if the day comes when i may only have one, (his will for hermakayla, not mine) i know i have been touched by a living angel who has given my heart a reason to seek and care again. she woke me up from a nightmare, one far worse then her cancer.

love yeah,


Rhiannon said...

Your a very observant smart man Hale! You put the hammer right on the nails head! What can I say? :-)Thanks for acknowledging us "women out here"..we need the moral support and encouragment more than some of you may ever know. Its a rough world out here, but we are doing the best we can and more! Sometimes I get so tired, I think I can't do it anymore, but then "my inner spirit" rises to hold me up, kind of like my Guardian Angels holding me up feeling. I can almost feel the "whisper" of their wings saying "your not alone".

Go ladies! I'm so proud of all of you on your own and heck I'm pretty darn proud of myself too! I've made it this far, and "yes" we will survive!..and more!

Thanks Hale for having such good "intuition" that you knew exactly what to say here in your comment!.:-) Bless you.



Ah Kerry, reading this made me cry a bit tears in my eyes here. I remember long ago when first coming upon your blog and you were going through so much heartache and so sad. You seemed to be blaming yourself for "things" you had no control over at the time. I remember sharing with you about being "dreamers" and "angels with only one wing" but you would soon "fly again" and you would soon have the "gift" of the other wing..Do you remember? Well it was long ago I don't expect you to, but I remember and when I think of how far you have come, hey you did it! So proud of you! You knew you always had it in you, it just takes time to heal "those wounds". I'm still working on many of mine!

With Angel Blessings,


saby said...

, a must read for all bloggers,

Rex Venom said...

Sophie rocks, as does your blog. Very artistic!
Rock on!

Rhiannon said...


I hope your daughter Brooke is feeling improved by now..sorry to hear she got sick. Thanks for sharing your story...and your so lucky to have a neighbor as a friend you can trust! Whats that like? Sigh..I would love that but alas I'm a single woman with no kids and I stick out like a sore thumb and "The ladies" with their families don't ever speak to me, though I have tried. The kids are great though!

Later, Rhi

Kerry said...


i wish i could report that brooke is feeling better but alas every eight hours or so her fever returns. *sighs* she worries me. they both do.

yes, i am lucky to have some wonderful and caring friends surrounding the girls and i. but there are times when i miss the serenity of my house. *smiles*
i am still adjusting to living in an apartment complex again.

i don't understand people sometimes. i would love to have a wonderful person like you around me and the girls. they are missing a true blessing in their lives. and while i know we are only connected thru our computers i feel blessed everytime i see you picture pop up on my screen. i just smile away...

your faithful friend,


ps- i recieved your chicken noodle soup recipe today. =) i am proud to announce that i made the soup and it came out fantastic! the girls and i brought some over to nana's house today as she has not been feeling well as of late either. so, your recipes is healing quite a few people who are not feeling well these days.

also, i emailed you earlier after recieving your recipe. smiles. i hope it went through... yahoo acts funny sometimes. if you didn't recieve it let me know and i will resend it asap.

again rhi, thanks!!!

Kerry said...

ps- i remember the story you shared with me about the broken wing well. =)