Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Green Power"!..Check out this months VanityFair..

Please check out May's magazine issue of Vanityfair at your nearest magazine or newstand near you!
It's full of great informative articles about Global warming and what we all can do to
try to make a difference. I was at Barnes and Noble Book store yesterday and
ended up getting it...the whole issue is a great read and hope some might check it out and
purchase it if you can. Make a difference in any small way you can. I've been educated on
"Green" for years and hope to inform more as time goes on. Be informed and paticipate.
Think with your mind and heart, and not quick "easy fixes"...




Carol said...

Hi Rhiannon,
You might want to join the virtual march against global warming. I have a sign up banner on the bottom of my blog.
Thanks for the magazine recommendation.

burning_fingers said...

Good idea. I'll get one ASAP. Thanks

Kerwin said...

I find Global warming to be an Alarmist fear. We have a lot more threatening and immediate items to deal with such as particle pollution which is killing people daily.

Global warming seems to be natural as scientist say the Earth was once warmer than what it is now. A 1 degree rise in temperture is slow, though perhaps faster than normal, and the advance in technology may well resolve the issure long before it becomes a serious threat.