Monday, April 17, 2006

Maybe the Poet...Stop the War!!!..

This is Edna St. Vincent Millay
My very favorite poet and writer
She is the first woman who won a
Pulitzer prize for her poetry.

These words below are from a song by Bruck Cockburn (a Canadian musician) from his album "Stealing Fire".
The song and album might be quite old but it sure seems to fit the world in all it's "Sick backwards Chaos"
now. I've had this song on my mind for a few weeks now haven't been able to get it out of my head. So going to write it out and get it out of my head maybe...or maybe the poet?...hmmmm
Sspeaking of poets this song speaks listen up...if you will....Note*I know this is long but I'm on a very "slow dial up" and it took me over two hours to do this...but if your not patient then don't bother reading it..but I sure would appreciate it if you would!..:) ..thank you for your patience*..

Maybe the Poet

Maybe the poet is gay
but he'll be heard anyway

Maybe the poet is drugged
but he won't stay under the rug

Maybe the voice of the Spirit
in which case you'd better hear it

Maybe he's a woman
who can touch you where you're human

Male Female slave or Free
Peaceful or Disorderly
maybe you and he will not agree
but you need him to show you new ways to see

Don't let the system fool you
all it wants to do is rule you
pay attention to the poet
you need him and you know it

Put him up against the wall
shoot him up with pentothal

Shoot him up with lead
you won't call back what's been said

Put him in the ground
but one day you'll look around

There'll be a face you don't know
voicing thoughts you've heard before

Male Female slave or Free
Peaceful or Disorderly
maybe you and he will not agree
but you need him to show you new ways to see

Don't let the system fool you
all it wants to do is rule you
pay attention to the poet
you need him and you know it...

I've been trying to imagine Mr. George W. Bush (and Donald Rumsfield) putting on all that combat gear and flying them right into the middle of a serious "red or green combat zone" in Iraq, give them some weapons and leave them there for a while...since neither hasbeen in combat I believe (please correct me if I am wrong) maybe they can learn to "share the experience" and get a taste of the kind of guts and "facing their fear" head on, on a daily basis, it takes from our soldiers...maybe Bush and his administration might then realize that they helped create a "monster" with their "agendas" and then each one of them might take a look in the mirror and set aside their arrogance, stubborness and anger and listen to the majority of the American people and stop doing the opposite of what this country wants and stop their petty egocentric controlling childish ways. Democracy? If you think thats why we are at war or did this or because of 9/11 please think again..Please!...those were just "excuses" for their "agenda", many of which worked for quite a while until some people finally started waking up to "The Truth of Reality"! Educate yourselves, read, find the facts, don't just believe any "talking head" you hear or see on TV or radio..they get paid big bucks to blah blah blah you to death..we want facts, news and no more talking heads making big money and getting off on their power of trashing anyone who does not agree with them as not "A true American"!! C'mon what country are we in here where you can't voice another opinion or be trashed, insulted or threatened?...hmmmm....I smell that coffee burning...time to put the "fire" out! It used to scare me if we were to actually end up impeaching Bush, because then we would have Cheney as president!! But now I think that just might be a good thing, for it will scare the hell out of everyone and wow that sure would be a big wake up call!. As to those people who've told me during both elections that their vote wouldn't have counted anyway...I hope you realize that if counted up all of those who didn't vote (who now bitch moan and complain about it all) every single one of you just might have made a difference in how this all turned out!

I am not afraid nor ashamed to say,
I DO NOT AGREE MR GW BUSH! Get off your high horse and ride out the storm with some truth and stop playing headgames with the American people with your lies...Wake up pay attention!!..we are not as stupid as you think...and you are the one that needs to get out in the world more and look and need to get out of your big Protective Bubble of "Yes people"..listen, stop being so are our President and this is not preschool and its not a quiz or test this is the REAL THING! Lord have Mercy grow up!



Burfica said...

That song leaves you thinking.

As for my political stand. I am very opinionated, but I try to get into it all the time. But I do think it's time we leave fromt here, and let them all kill themselves if that's what they are dumb enoguh to do.

Kerry said...

we walked into their land, attacked their known government and leadership and then left them alone, hungry, scared, destructed, and without any form of leader; not once but twice. then we ask them (the innocent scared and unlead people)to cooperate with us and become informants because we are there to help them. and we honestly exspect them to trust us.

america and her people need to find out who they are as a nation; we are lost and can't see throught our own termiol; we have no right telling others that their way of living and leadership is wrong.

i loved the poem rhi. i can't thank you enough for lifting your voice; silence will never heard; but alas we are silent children who are just as afriad of their own government as those who we are supposedly attempting to help.

sometimes, i am ashamed to call myself an american. and for a marine to speak so frankly, i believe that america and her people should feel grave danger.

David E. Patton said...

Hi i hope that all is well by you. I like the poem that follow this post, it speaks to my heart and O what a thought that it is to hear, the last line is right on the point. its one of thouse poem that we find and say that I wish that I had writen that

burning_fingers said...

Hey, I didn't vote for him - either time!
Bruce Cockburn...Yeah baby!

moon said...

Great poem and post!! Although I am Canadian, I do follow your politics very's an outrage to us and the world. Our former gov, refused to go to Iraq so half of us were very happy, unfortunately, we just changed governments..and he is a Conservative Prime Minister...(same as; Republican, basically) So its a wait and see...biting nails time for us Liberals (Democrats) or others.

Rhiannon said...

Thank you all for the input it's nice to hear other's opinions and thoughts..and glad to hear that I am also not alone in feeling some of these thoughts I have been pondering for quite some time now....



Kerwin said...

You do not have to experience war to be the Commander and Chief and choose when war is necessary. Don't forget that Congress is responsible for declaring war. Don't forget that our soldiers volunteer to face death in danger in order for their country. It is said that there is not better act than that of a person who lays down his/her life for another. Our soldiers have chosen to do this and hopefully their commanders are careful with their lives.