Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some of my poems below from last year..

I've been going through my archives and I thought I would post 5 of my poems from last summer, for some of you who may never have read them. They are different than the ones I've been posting of late....if some of you have already read them in the past....sorry about that! I liked these poems they come from a different part of me...

Scroll down for another side and "dimension of Rhiannon"...



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Kerry said...

my truthseeker,

i have just had the honor of reading your poems from yester, thank you.

your words dance and cascade so freely in verse. love dance is such a beautiful and enchanted mystery: love is the only thing which sets us free.

*sighs contently*

i think that both of our lifes are going to transform soon. love is on the horizon.

hunts up! for you, i truly believe your knight to be arriving soon. clear is the sky. tranlucent is the moon.

for me, time is extremely relevent. for now, i am counting every second, enjoying every hug, and dreaming of the moment when... dreams off. who knew, i wasnt looking, t'was she who has found me. but alas, we shall see. for unclear is the path: but love is free.