Tuesday, April 11, 2006

We Are Being Called....

*No image or pic on this one I will let you all use your imagination and common sense*

My thoughts..

When many speak of building a "wall" around this country, it gives me shivers down my spine
and I think of the Berlin Wall. Has our country become so fearful that we have let the arrogant ones
instill this in us? Has our country become what we fought so hard not to become?
Are we just pointing fingers at everyone else, but never looking in the mirror?
Have we changed so much that we can't see that our image has become so distorted
and how we may look to other countries in this world?

Has the emperor no clothes? Are many pretending he isn't naked and looking the
other way in shame, fear, ignorance and lack of courage to speak up? Has our path
become so narrow? Do we let ourselves follow like sheep to be herded and slaughtered
to the roads of narrow mindedness?

Has the Bell of Freedom rang its last toll? Has protection, security and fear built walls
within our own hearts and minds, taking away our very own freedoms and rights? Are we letting
ourselves become toxic and stagnant out of our choice to be ignorant and in such total denial of "truth"?

Thick walls of lies and deceit are rotting the core of America. Thousands of innocent victms are
dying and being killed with the reasoning of senseless excuses that boggle the mind..."collateral damage"
in "harms way" for the sake of "Democracy"? Think again....oh please think again..look in the mirror of our
distorted image...its getting very blurry, and hard to focus "clearly"...of "what is" ...."Reality"..
"The Sins of Politics"..."The Politics of Sin"...Where is America's Dignity? And where is our shame?

We are being called....let our voices be heard.

The Angels are standing by waiting and watching trying to get our attention...look around you...
Open up your hearts, your souls, your minds...Let your voice be heard...do not let fear control us!

"Awaken"........"Begin"........Keep hope and courage alive!

With Angels awaiting for our souls to triumph over evil, lies and arrogance....it's "Time"...

Love and Peace to all,



Burfica said...

Oh Rhi, that was very powerful. I love love love my country. But sometimes I am very ashamed of what it has become. People hating other people for petty ass reasons. And nobody helping or loving one another. And the majority of people in this country now believe they should be handed everything on a silver platter without having to work for it.

Sometimes I think America needs to be bent over a knee and spanked severly.

I could go on and on, but I don't think there is enough hours left int he day.

Kerry said...

these are days of sadness...


thank you for sharing the truth, rhi. i am with you 100%.

burning_fingers said...

Yeah! Gimme a green card! We Canadians should all be allowed to live in Florida for the rest of our lives. Come on! It's cold for 6 freaking months of the year up here! It's not my fault my ancestors turned right intstead of left. I can't take it anymore. Let me in! Let me in!
...(Ah, sorry, lost my mind for a moment there)

Seriously, though, (and I assume you are talking about the current immigration frenzy), can't they look at each individual case and assess what they are/are not contributing and let them stay/leave based on those facts?

More importantly, if people object to low wages that these people are being paid - and hence the jobs taken from legal Americans - then fix the min wage laws so this can't happen anymore. Or...accept that this is the free enterprise system and be done with it. Isn't that the point after all? Isn't there room for anyone who can contribute positively to American society? (like me for example?)
Adios amigos!

burning_fingers said...

..and as for the war in Iraq. Don't even get me started on that one! They re-elected Bush because..they didn't like the other guys? Pish-tosh! They voted for Bush because the vast majority of the American public are easily hood-winked due to lack of education, lack of awareness and manipulation of the media. All of this could be fixed with...an improved education system. I can help...I'm a public school teacher with 16 years experience. Hire me! Hire me! ( offer only applies to Arizona or Florida)

saby said...

Happy Easter girl


i love u guys