Thursday, May 04, 2006

I Do Not Agree.....

I Do Not Agree

Monster smiles
say "surprise"
pull your cape
over your eye's
run for cover
to protect you from the rain
to protect you from the lies
to protect you from the pain....

Streaked colors
run down the walls
in the room hidden
behind deceit
not to be believed.....

They advise you to abandon your character
and join them....
The Beast that roam the night
in a Souless city.....

"Become one of us and you'll get what you need" they say...
"No, You'll never own my soul
and if you were to ever ask me why
I would tell you "I Do Not Agree"
but you still wouldn't understand
you'd still be mystified", I said.....

*Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) April 26, 2006* *Copyrights owned by Barbara*


Burfica said...

Oh how true those words hit home. I know I'm probably enterpriting it with some event in my own life, and not how you meant. But dang, so very true.

Peg said...

WOW Rhi!! A fantastic picture and your poem is fantastic as well!!
Good to be here and see you in action...continue to on girl and the world is yours!!!