Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hurricane Flame.....

Hurricane Flame

Keep it simple Rhi
stop tossing about
your Hurricane Flame
stop throwing caution
to the wind....
shut down
be more like them
break don't bend
walk about
and blend

Be a "Team Player"
not a Sooth Sayer
Zombies, Zombies, Zombies...
Pay your dues
and join the club..
"Mickey Mouse"
M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e
sorry, I'm not a member.....

I'm throwing caution
to the wind again
its my middle name
and I know this will never change....
yet common sense and intuition
still abound
in between
to keep me sane..........

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) April 2006 *Copyrights owned by Barbara


Burfica said...

No way should we be zombies, and just "fall in step" I sure march to the beat of my own drum. Probably why I'm not accepted much by other people, but I digress... I was starting to get worried about you too Rhi...Hadn't seen you in a while. Gotta keep tabs on all my gals, can't let them fall without being there to catch them.

I love that picture, and I love your strength, you even see it in the poem.

I'm off to experiment with food, wish me luck, it could be really really ugly. hehehehehe

That's how we get all our new recipes is experimenting, and I have had a few of the OMG WE WILL NEVER DO THAT AGAINs. LOL But mostly it's good. We shall see.

Rhiannon said...

Thanks for your concern Burfica. I I'm sorry I didn't get back to e-mailing you yet.

Funny I was just talking to someone about "free falling" and "trusting" someone enough knowing they would catch me. I haven't known this feeling in oh so very long. I'm always having to catch myself and or find myself catching other people! I'm so used to that. Its very hard for me to "free fall" these days for very valid reasons..but at least I'm "Not a member" of the "Zombies club"..and you know you and I have more in common then you even realize!

You take care now! Love ya and please feel "free" to e-mail me anytime you want to share Burfica.

Many Blessings,


Burfica said...

Man Rhi, we are alot alike. I find myself being the catcher more than falling myself. Seems I'm good at keeping people stable. Wish I could say as much for myself. hehehehee

I will be e-mailing you soon. I've been so scatter brained lately. You would think I was blond. hehehehee

Okay I'm outa here to go get some sleep, if this dam insomnia will let me.

love and hugggsssssssssss

Nick Zegarac said...

Your verse makes a most valid self reflection on those inner thoughts, ingrained and constant that not even time or will can disperse. Some lead us to greatness. Others merely keep us in our place - a tragedy of all mankind.

Kerry said...

*big hugz*

sings the cranberries song:

"whatz in your head.
in your head.
zombie, zombie, zombie."

or as a.e. said, "true insanity is is repeating the same behavior and expecting different results"

hell yeah!!!

who wants to be sane and normal! genious never conform!

i love yeah girl!!!

Kerry said...

hell yeah! you go, rhi!!! great post comment. i love yeah girl! keep shining!

hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!

burning_fingers said...

It's the "zombies" that make the rest of us look good.

Kerry said...

*cheers on burning finger*

ps: all credit where credit is due! i must thank Amy for reminding me of A.E. observation on insanity.

Peg said...

Very nice picture Rhi!! Nice poem as well!!!!