Friday, March 10, 2006

Your eyes should be what color?.Its my Birthday tomorrow!

Found this site on someone else's blog, thought
it was rather interesting...I'm having a real hard time getting into my blog last few days, so posting this while I can. Not sure how long this will be a problem or whats going on, so will be back next week..meanwhile will leave you with this little diddie for now...Its a snow day today here! Beautiful!..Its my Birthday tomorrow, will be 55 and still alive!..:) So...what color should your eyes be? Here's my results..

"Your eyes should be Brown"....and they are too!

Your eyes reflect: Depth and wisdom

Whats hidden behind your eyes? A tender heart (well I think so:))...

P.S. Pfg, I will do a post soon as I can on the "5 weird things about me" you tagged me for.

Angel Blessings Everyone,



jipzeecab said...

Happy Birthday! Maybe we have the same birthday..

burning_fingers said...

Many Happy Returns of the day! May you have many more and may they bring you all the happiness and contentment you could want!

bradford said...

I turned 55 in Jan. - so I went to my son's wrestling tournament and it was $21 so I mentioned my age & got in for $12 - part of why they call it 2nd childhood? - Happy birthday Pisces, you would probably be amazed at my fish-plate collection.

Rhiannon said...

Thinking of your cute little swimming fish on your blog Jip, now I know why you picked a fish! Happy Birthday to you! I am honored to share the same Birthday with you..

Jen, thanks so much I hope this "Birth" year for me will be a good one, if I have anything to do with it it will! Hope you have a lot of R&R on your vacation..and feel that special energy in Sedona.

Hey yeah Brad, those senior citizen discounts kuddo's we will get in some places! Only problem is if I even buy wine (which I don't drink rarely but give to friends for gifts) I "still" get carded sometimes and have to get out my drivers liscense! Omg!..I laugh and laugh and laugh when they do this to me thinking "do they have their glasses on"?..but then again I also say "God bless you all, you are making my whole year" to them!..he it will be an interesting experience when I ask for the senior discount, better have my drivers license out and ready to show! Well we all look younger these days than the past generations don't you think? Plus genetics plays into some of it, plus I've never smoked and very rarely drank or drink..and have used sun block on my face since the age of 25! Its all the dancing too I'm sure! We all have our "secrets" don't we ladies?

And yes I have a "Huge" Fish collection myself even a "fake aquarium" deal! But I also have a mermaid legs, thats me clumsy feet but a great toe stepper!..:)

I can't believe I got my blog problem figured out.."Ms know nothing pc lady" actually figured it out! I couldn't log on my blog directly for almost 3 days.

Thanks for the nice wishes "blog friends"..


Kerry said...

55 going on 35 for sure! lord i hope i look as good as you do when i turn 55!!! you go rhi!!!!!! whooo hoooo!

moon said...

Pisces rock!! I know because my bday was the 5th ....I hope you have an awesome day.

Imran said...


Still beautiful inside and out at 55! Admire your talent and wisdom. You are gifted and blessed.


Peg said...

Hey Hey Hey!! Hap Hap Happy Birthday young lady!!!
Porking the cork of the top and passing you a glass!!
*Peg's singing for She's a Golly Good Lady!*
Many Blessed More!!!

sister celtic said...


Carol said...

Have a Happy Birthday, Rhiannon!

Not doing the quiz. I love my brown eyes.