Saturday, March 04, 2006

Movie Reviews of very good movies I enjoyed a lot!

I've rented and seen some really good movies this winter and I put the "Movie reviews" and wrote up some of my own thoughts on them also a while back and saved them on my blog in draft. So now I will be posting them. Will start with the one below. I hope you might check out some of these movies I post, if they sound interesting or to your just might be very glad you did! I'm pretty good at picking good movies..:) some of you may know I rarely watch much tv just rent movies from time to time...

OH for anyone who hasn't heard or seen the song and video "STUPID GIRLS" by PINK please check it out! You can hear the song and video at you just click on the little box on the left side of her web page and it will come right up! Of course my pc can't do it all the way but it should work really fast for most everyone else not on dial up. I saw it last night on VH-1..(only time they play videos is nocturnal time!) and to me that video and song states a clear and profound statement about our society and resonated with me in so many ways!...wake up time is here and this is a video and song that just might help bring that "clearly" to a lot of peoples attention! PINK, you go girl!!! I'm proud of you woman to woman! Good job great video!

I'm not going to be on blog as often as I used to be for its too time consuming and I don't want to spend and use so much energies( I'm on dial up and an old computer) on it as I had before. My priorities and also things in life have changed for me, but I will still be around, so you all come back now you here!..Check in once a week or so. And yes, I will still be posting pics, my "thoughts", "observations", my poems, and my Art work.

Peace and love for this world with many many..................
Angel Blessings!



burning_fingers said...

Good luck to you friend. I hope you are finding happiness in your "off-internet pursuits"!

Imran said...

I WILL be checking your blog often as I admire your talents and truthfulness.

It keeps me grounded and real and you I cannot do without in blosphere, giving me and many others "Angel Blessings."

Take care. Have a wonderful and blessed life.

PS: Coming back next week.

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks for reading my blog!
come back anytime.....

Kerry said...

hi rhi--

my blog is back--lol. i have reconstructed my vision for it. lol
happy reading! ;)

ardi k said...

I will look forward to your future posts. Love to you too.

sister celtic said...

hiya barbra do tell me what you want for the beautiful print and of course i would love to have you proffessionally frame it like the other one it was breathtaking so e-mail me the cost for print, frame, and P&H your work is breathless... hope you start selling more now that you have shown your work..awesome.. okay I made this for you...copy and paste and turn up your speakers..

PFG said...

Hi Rhiannon, gotta joke for you.

Knock knock.

who's there?


Ima who?

Ima tagging you!

I was tagged by my good friend cjblue. I hope you don't mind! You're charged with listing five weird habits or peculiarities about yourself on your blog, then asking the same of five other bloggers.

Kerry said...

strange, i have not rented or watched movies in forever--i don't know why. the girls watch their movies all the time while i find other things to do. i guess i am not a big T.V person anymore. i used to be--must be my addition to writing and blogging! lol

Carol said...


Carolyn said...

Hi Rhia, I'll check out that link.

Thanks for your support on my poem-- I won by the way! :D

Take it easy. I'll check back often!

Peg said...

Hi Rhi! Just popped in to say Howdy, so HOWDY!! Looking like all is well and I am glad!!
You be good, take care and I will see you again very soon!!
all my love,