Sunday, March 12, 2006

Surviving the Spiritual Gauntlet... go to this blog..

The frst of March came in with winds blowing wild. At first
I felt good energy as March is my month for good"happennings"!
But then I started picking up on "dark things" and I got
more bad news after another and another..I felt "darkness"
and "dark energy" something was happening. Then
I read Jodie's recent post on her blog
"March Madness, surviving the Spiritual Gauntlet"
and it all then made sense to me.
We have some things this world is going through
right now and I hope this will help all of us..
Its a must read and if your going through a lot now
this just might help all of us to understand and we must endure
and get through to the other side of the "darkness" to light.
I tell you no lies hear but truths, I'm pretty intuitive...just read, hear,
listen and pay attention...Many Many Angel Blesssings
to each and every one one of us...



Kerry said...

wow! now this is interesting--i just posted a new poem last night--it ties in completely--darkness, storms, struggle--wow!

i will be checking out the link after i return from starbucks--COFFEE PLEASE! ;)

love yeah!


Nick Zegarac said...

There's not much that a kind word of inspiration cannot fix if one has the heart and open mind to absorb it with all the respect, humility and gentle thought it was meant to be taken with. Excellent post. Very profound and stirring.

Jaelin K. Reece said...

Again, I'm glad this post helped Rhi. And Happy Birthday! I know it may not be the day you wanted, but out of the darkness always comes the light. Open your inner light and shine it into the darkest corners.

I'm glad you posted a link to the newsletter by Aluna Joy. I appreciated her message and felt it would help many people...