Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Girl in the review


"Love can't change whats wrong with the world
but its a start".....

From award winning screen writer Richard Curtis
come's "The Girl in the Cafe", a funny touching
love story with a powerful humanitarian message.
Mild mannered Lawrence is a dedicated civil servant
who doesn't have much going on in his life except his
job. But that changes when he meets Gina, a mysterious
attractive woman whom he impulsively invites to the
G8 conference in Iceland, a very important event for the
world-and for Lawrence's career. As the conference on
world poverty progresses, Gina makes her displeasure
with the policies of the G8 conference leaders well known
much to Lawrence's chagrin. Together, this unlikely couple
might just change history!.....or at least his employment status.

Quote from Lawrence:
"We get into the habit of compromising and therefore
are always compromised"..

Rhiannons take: Lawrence is a great character "stumbling
and bumbling about" but so endearing and I found him brave
somewhat, as he hesitated but finally got the courage to go back
to the "Girl in the Cafe" to ask her out! He didn't know what or
how to do this but he did do it, and watching him do this was
so sweet, you just wanted to cheer him on! Little did he know
what he was getting into with Gina, the young endearing
lady with the strong Scottish accent. I think it was Scottish
I could be wrong. Gina was a brave soul with a mind of her
own and she spoke it to a huge room of strangers at the
G8 conference. She "Enlightened " them, with quite a few
basic home how much the amount of money they
were spending for the huge conference "dinner parties" could
probably save the starving in poverty of a whole village
with food and medical supplies. Lawrence learns a lot
about this very special young woman and her courage.
But he also learns that he has a lot more courage
and spunk then he ever realized! This movie states
such valid but simple home truths that really hit home
with a message for the world..........."Wake up"!!!!!!.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

now you have me wanting to see the movie - I haven't seen a movie in months -

Rhiannon said...

You can rent it at Blockbuster in the new movie section Andrew. I think you would really like it. It was very very good..quite different from the "Norm" type movie..