Sunday, March 12, 2006

Angel Blessings once again....we need this now more than ever read post below this post.

March Madness..Hard times are here for all of us right now
and here is how and why we must endure
to get through this...and to the other side of light..
Pease read the Post below this Post.!..Its important!
I'm sending these Angel Blessings to all of you for I know
we all really will need them right now!

Sending you all of my faith and energy towards each
and every one of you....just hang in there now! We shall
endure and this too shall pass...



ardi k said...

Thank you, Rhi. And thanks for the link to Jodi's blog below.

Remember: You are loved. (You remind me of that all the time.)

The light from a loving heart is its shield. Accept the blessings and reject the rest.

Imran said...


Nick Zegarac said...

Yes - I am in a bad way too. These words help somewhat. Thanks for the post and the lovely image.

moon said...

Wow..that really made things alot clearer for me...this month has been a real roller coaster of ups and downs emotionally..very intense on both unlike my quiet life usually is...My bday was unbelievable! Lucky and exciting..but before and after it I have been dealing with the loss and/or disapointment of a very long still consumes alot of my thoughts on how she could hurt me so. I can hardly sleep for to many thoughts going on inside my head. I also have another dear friend who believes I am clueless to the fact that she is cheating on her husband...a blind man could see it but she must think I am really stupid..She hasnt confided in me about it because she already knows what my thoughts on it would be so she doesnt want to face it....I have said nothing to her about it yet because I am dealing with to much at the same time...but it will happen eventually....And I am in the midst of trying to plan wedding in just over 2 months...and thats just stressfull under any circumstances lol....
All this to say that oddly enough it was actually reasuring to know its not just me or my surrounds is way bigger then me and there must be a reason for it...I do not believe in luck or coinsidences...I believe there is definately a reason for EVERYTHING and this just again...makes sense to me lol. Thanks Rhi.....