Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Circle Of Fire...

I'm hearing the sound
of the wind
carrying me away
to where I will be
across the borders
setting me free....

I was bound by chains
locked with a key
so lost
I couldn't be found
I hear the sound
of the door
being opened..
It creaks
like an echo
in my head
my life
my future
I so used to dread...
but now the moment
has become the time
now the moment
has become my rhyme..

Through the door
I walk in light...
protected by my guardians
in the night.....
within and without
beside me
behind me
in the circle of fire
I stand.

Copyrights owned By Rhiannon.........October 2005

*I wrote this poem, but the term "The Circle of Fire" is from an ancient Jewish proverb of the "Archeangels" who are Gabriel, Michael, Rapheal and Uriel in "The Circle of Fire". Kate Bush also sings about "The Circle of Fire" in her song "Lily" from her CD "The Red shoes". It's a very eerie provacative and "ahead of her time" song. I just love it! Check the song out sometime.


Beach Bum said...

Loved the poem!

I was bound by chains
locked with a key
so lost...

We are all bound by some chains, I guess the trick in life is to learn to unlock them or realize they are our own creations adn only exist in our minds.

Michael Manning said...

This is very creative, Rhi! :) Have a good day!

goatman said...

As life goes on within you and without you . . . Beatles?

You know how to say it.

RiverSoul said...

Creative. . .
As interesting as ever.
Makes me wonder why i took a sabbatical anyway!!

yea, I'm back
and i want to be back in ur blogroll too, Rhi!!

goatman said...

I hope that you and your sister are able to head south for the visit with your folks. Drag out those old photos, query your father on his WWII exploits and build final memories.
Wars' change people; I have seen it many times. Your father may have been a young sprout with tender memories and expectations but when he came back he was probably changed to a large degree and no longer the innocent that he once was.
I knew a fellow when I was going to college who was from a nearby farm and was attending the same school I was. Green, friendly, trusting,a real hayseed, invited me out to his farm for dinner - - - great meal. Drafted he was, Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, back at school 2 years later a changed guy. Guarded and worldly, a different guy was he. A curtain had come down upon his eyes after seeing whatever he saw there. I almost didn't recognize him when meeting him after (I too was drafted but didn't see the horror, by dint of refusing to kill for the government) Else I too would be changed too, I assure you.
Anyways, see your dad, talk about the old days and build memories which will be at least comforting for you in the future.
You both must connect a bit maybe. . .
Just my thoughts to you

Muhd Imran said...

Such a lovely poem. So deep in meaning, so honest.

I love the Renaissance Lady you have on the right side of your post. You are truly talented.