Sunday, March 21, 2010

Musical Chairs....this starts the beginning of my older posts of poems and writings a few years back from my blog archives


Musical Chairs

We've pulled ourselves
into a closed
safe cocoon....
to protect us
from the danger
that some souls
may do..

We've shut
and locked
the gates
and threw away the key..

We've kept out of harms way
and lost the will
to dance
to sing
to play...

Is it musical chairs now?
Are we just sitting there?
Watching and waiting....
to see if others
will push
and grab
trying to take our place
if we move?

Are we stuck
in forever?
Because we never
even heard,
the music play
in the first place?

Fasten your seat belts
for it's going to be a bumpy ride

*Picture idea with text created by me

*Written by Rhiannon (Barbara) February 2006 *Copyrights owned by Rhiannon *(Barbara)


Kylita said...

Yes, Rhi! Awesome! I just had 3 rolls of film developed with a photo CD for each and a lot was of last summer and fall's flowers blooming and the pond and Tuffy and his "friend" Creamy. I can't wait to post some on my blog. Love! the new photo of Mr Wonderful ... what about you? Your blog is blooming beautifully, too! Love the colors and your poem and your newly posted artwork of Jane Seymour -- knew it was her before I got down to the title. Lovely,
SisSTAR Rhi.
KLH-Keep Laughin' Honey xo

goatman said...

Sitting watching and waiting, afraid to move, fear of change. What a way to live, then die without having tried or ventured anything.

A wonderful rendering of some lives; maybe they will rise and forget where they were sitting only to wander off into adventure!

David E. Patton said...
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David E. Patton said...

hello there beautful lady its good to see that you are still at it. I miss you so I thought to stop by and drop this little note just to say hello and wish you the most beautiful of spring. I love spring as April is my birth month on the 19th I will turn 57 and I am looking forward to it as I do love growing old as for my poetry I have come into my own it took many years but I finaly hit the mark of writing some good stuff that I am in love with. Enjoy your spring and I will drop by again
love david and I realy mean love you

Propoquerian said...

this is something i've thought of a lot, and even wrote a post about! but not in such beautiful, concise words as this. but i think you're raising the question, what do we do when we realize there is no guarantee we won't be hurt? Do we sit still, afraid. Or do we go forward? Knowing it's a risk we'll have to take? I really would be interested to hear what you think of my post on this, "We All Got Traumas" is what its' called.

Lydia said...

O, good poem. I loved musical chairs when I was a kid, although it always stirred me into a fretful frenzy!

Lydia said...

Rhi, I just re-read this poem and it really affected me deeply today. It's great. Just wanted you to know that!