Monday, October 25, 2010

My ex-BF has Aspergers Syndrome...

Now I understand better why he acts the way he does and "has"...sigh...I have much to learn and think about...I am not sure what I will do if anything about's a hard I strong enough? And is he strong enough to be my man? Or maybe just casual friends?...I have never had so much in common with anyone in my entire life like I did with him...never...and I miss it....and I miss him...but who knows..I don't know what to do he says "hi" and has said a few other things to me of late in passing...I always just walked by and would not response...the other day when he said "Hi" I casually said "hello"..and walked on....what's wrong with me? sigh...



Belle said...

Having never known anyone with this condition I don't know what would be best for someone in your position.
Since you know him so well, perhaps write down all the things that made him hard to be around and then write all the things that make him wonderful to be around. It might clarify things.

Rhiannon said...

You know Belle that is a very good idea. I think I will do this when I write in my journal tonite.

Thank you for taking the time to drop by my blog and make comments.

Angel Blessings,


Anonymous said...

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Peg said...

"what's wrong with me?" You are scared! And it's the same scared I get when I watch and listen to my daughter in action, so to speak!
Asperger people are different, that is for sure and we keep trying to make them even more different! They can't act like this and they shouldn't be acting like that! Why are they not doing this and why are they not doing that! Why can't they even look you in the eye and see what you see and why can't they respond normally.
I see my daughter everyday dealing with these questions that people expect. And then I watch her among other asperger people and I think to myself, why can't I have that much fun!
Our society sucks when it comes to anything different. Years ago I wrote a post asking others to examine themselves as to what they do when they see someone in a wheelchair who has only one leg and one arm. It is the same scenario.
A mother once told me that she wished her son had a physcial affliction so that everyone could and would see he was different, but instead he had a mental condition and everyone saw him the way they thought he should be.
And Rhi, I am no different, until now.
I cannot nor can anyone else tell you what to do, but it seems to me if you love this man and he seems to fulfill in you what you can't or don't then what the hell! So he is not a neurotypical guy feeling the way anyone else does, but believe me, his world is ever so more colorful then yours or mine will ever be! And believe it or not, he does not need you as much as you need him so stop feeling sorry for yourself and him and either create a relationship with the knowledge you have as a friend or lover, either way you have not lost anything!

Check out this link, it is compiled by a father whose son is autistic and he began years of research to find help and understanding.

All my love and prayers,

Peg said...

Rhi, I am sorry! I had no right to say the things I said. And I do apologize for my abruptness!

Just ask yourself this, if he did not have aspergers, what would you think of him? Or, is it the aspergers that makes him so special. Take the aspergers out of him and see what you get.

If I did the same to my daughter I would literally create a mundane, probably listless, and a human being that would be just as critical and illogical as the next one!

Just subscribe to Craig Kendall, does not cost a thing, and his videos are really informative!


Rhiannon said...


No reason to apologize, you were just trying to be true to what you gave me some input..which I can take or's okay.

I've obviously still got some more work to do in absorbing all this about him. I really am still "processing" things.

Thank you for dropping by and thinking of me..that was very kind of you.



Ardi K said...

Be yourself. Be Soul. We (and he) all do our best at that. That is all we can do. Perfection is not human.
Love you. Love is the answer.