Saturday, October 02, 2010

Have a beautiful Autumn everyone......I'm needing to take some time off from my blog for a while....

I will be taking some time off from my blogs.  There's too much going on in my life and lot's of responsibilities I have right now.   I'm also needing to regroup and recover from a traumatic year.  

I await more peace and quiet in my life and am seeking this for the whole world and for Love and Peace and for all of us to "evolve" and to "Rise above" the hate, the arguing of politics, to rise above the constant "fear", to rise above elections that are won by making people fearful, to rise above smear campaigns, we need to stop the winning of elections by how much money donations are made. We need for all of us to make great effort to come together more as "one".....this is what we need now.  

I watch our country going "backwards" based on "fear" just breaks my I watch and observe many other countries are moving forward.  We are getting "Stuck" in made up lies, distortions, mistruths, rude behavior, yelling and telling other people off...whatever works to make the other side look bad.  When did we come to the point of  such "separate" "sides", so "split"? look at others who might think differently than us as the "Enemy" in our own country?  We are a country built on tolerance and respect for others.  We need to grow up and stop lowering ourselves to a level of such childishness!  We need to stop spouting lies and check on our facts first!  Rumors spread like a virus!  Soon many believe whatever they hear, with no facts whatsoever! We need to not hate, not be so angry, not be so nasty and making horrific mean and racial slurs and comments and so much bigoted prejudice right now.  What has happened to us??

It hurts my heart to observe so much "division"  in our country happening of late.....and for so many to always point fingers and blame "others" for everything all the time and yet so many don't seem to want to take any personal responsibility for their own action or "inaction's", or the things they say themselves.  And we really really really need to stop being so immature and selfish and to learn that it is better to give than to receive. We need more LOVE more COMPASSION and we need to really "WAKE UP"...we need to accept one another more, to live in harmony with our neighbors and we need lots more "LOVE" going around then this endless vicious constant cycle of hate and "fear mongering" will get us nowhere but further "Behind".  We need to start "Evolving" as a people and a nation.  We need to stop raising our fists and instead lend a hand, hold a hand, mend our hearts by reaching out to others, not looking the other way.  We need to stop acting like we are blind and cannot "see"....we surely see, but refuse to accept what we are seeing.  I "see" certain egotistical people playing the "Blame game" on TV and profiting off of it financially, taking advantage of people that are vulnerable in their own hurt and anger who will believe anything they hear to satisfy their pain inside.  This is so heartbreaking.  All these "emperors" are without clothes, but we pretend they are not....and turn a blind takes a strong inner spirit to face the truths of what is going on....we better be careful or we will all  be walking around naked and we "all" will pretend we are not!  Now that is a scary thing to imagine!....just think about it?  All this "inner fighting" amongst ourselves in our own country is what's hurting and destroying this nation so much...we are our own worst enemy!...we need to come together...give peace and love a chance.  Respect one another. 

Vote more based on "common sense" more from your heart, soul and head.  Vote less out of your own fear, hate and anger.   Vote what will make this country improve as a "whole" and to "grow" and mature.  Let's not go "back"...the time is  "now" to look ahead and not "behind"...let's learn from the mistakes of the past and move along towards a more "open path" that we all can walk along without so many divided roads.

Thanks for reading this and sorry if it sounds like a "rant" or lecture...I just really want all of us to try our best to love and not do the "hate" deal so much anymore...for it is getting so very old   It's time to move on and "walk" away from the fear and hate and instead to "move on" and "walk" towards  more light and"Love"...

Happy Autumn to everyone in the blog world and to my dear blog friends.

Love and Blessings,



Lydia said...

Thank you for this heartfelt and passionate expression of hope and sanity, Rhi. I will worry about you while you are gone. Be safe, be healed, be whole. Know your friends love you. xo

Belle said...

It is disheartening to see what is going on in politics in America. The only thing a person can fight hate with is love. And if the hateful person doesn't get it, that is their choice. We have to let them go on their own path.

Don't be discouraged, at the end of all things here - All will be well and beautiful.

Kylita said...

Your words resonate with me, Barbara, and I thank you so much for putting words to what I have been feeling in my heart and head. I have friends who hate the republicans/hate the democrats, always pointing out all the crap from the "other side" ... it is STILL hate and nonacceptance and I feel in the middle of it all like a vortex. I am beginning to feel a deep longing, a sorrow that it seems almost impossible to see this country not divided in half. There is SO MUCH MORE!! than 50% this and 50% that ... so much more that divides us....but when it all comes down to Life, if any one of us were on our death bed, would we care if we were right or left, what our political affiliation was? Would we die "hating"? Oh, that is such a deep sorrowful thought. We all need to live as if this were our last day, because it seems that only then do people realize what means the most ... not hate mongering, not name calling, not disapproval of others, but what gives us LOVE, how WE give love to others. "Do unto others...." isn't that still a viable way to be? If that is the case, then the "doing unto" that has been so hateful and negative will, unfortunately, all have to come home to the "doer", the Law of Karma and all. I am with you wholeheartedly, I need to take a break (and I have been) and do my small part in loving myself, loving my friends and family, my awesome cat (and even he clawed me yesterday!) and loving those others I meet and greet everyday in whatever capacity. I will keep in touch with you one way or the other. I hope to write you a card soon. Thanks again for this very meaningful and heartfelt post. Proud to be your SisSTAR of the C.O.D.E.!!! xoxo

goatman said...

Rants are good. One must release the toxic thoughts and move on.
No matter what man does to the earth, earth will recover and continue.
Similarly, no matter what man does to his fellow man, fellow man will continue and build on the good. This period of time seems like reaction and extreme opposite of the hopeful feelings of the 60's. (wasn't it neat?)

This is the season of the witch, but the tide will turn.

We must keep the hopeful faith.