Saturday, October 30, 2010

Grand Funk Railroad - Inside Looking Out - 12/23/72...I know this is taped on old VHS but Mark is so fantastic in this song here!

And he still plays and sings the same nowadays...what a talent...I love his voice...clean living for so long right after this year, he can still rock, move, dance, sing, play fantastic guitar and harmonica, and other instruments...and wrote a lot of the songs..still does...I love Mark Farner and the former Grand Funk Railroad and they should be put in the Rock hall of fame...just based on Marks fantastic guitar work...and he's still got it!   But thanks to a Rolling Stone writer a few years back, Mark probably won't be put in the hall of fame...along with his talented guitar work...because this writer trashed him and Grand Funk so bad...oh well we can still enjoy.....just goes to show some of us just can't feel the "Funk" but I sure do and always will!...other than Laura Nyro, the Doors, Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Nico and Melanie and yes even Eminem...Grank Funk Railroad is my favorite band to rock out the audience...aren't they a hoot? Rock out and feel good!....enough of this hate and anger of politics..I think we really need to loosen up....we need to let go and rock out more...and release all that crap....oh yeah...I'm so ready!  Rock on for "positive" change and not "got back to the old past" and just repeat the same ole mistakes...cut taxes for the very rich over $250,000 and let the rest of us rot and starve..hello America?  Corporations are now individual people and it doesn't matter they don't have to even say who they are and they can and "Are" giving tons of money to the conservative make sure that the Republicans get their "Share" of "big money..sicko...what are people thinking? Why would they vote for the rich and make the rich happy and the rest of us miserable....I just do not get it!! What is the matter with some much hate and venom and "resentment"...don't forget we all have generations from way back where we came from other countries...that's what America is all stop wanting to build a big wall around our country like the Berlin wall...Hello? Any sane people out there?  Do you not see all this hate and anger and pointing fingers and blaming everyone else but ourselves for everything? How spoiled we are do not realize we have the responsibility to think "rationally" and with "Facts" and substance..intelligents....Jesus would be so sad to see all this...according to the Bible, the stories say he stood for the opposite of what we are doing now in this crazy "spin doctor" world of please Christians read up on your Bible...I don't like you blaming and hating "others" and I don't like your constant paranoid "fear" driving politics either...just stop it, grow up, be mature and love your brothers and sisters....all of them..all colors, different opinions and all....Wake up!

Hope Jerry Brown wins for Governor of California, he was governor before when I grew up there and I always liked his unique originality...not your typical politician but a real person...and I do believe he can get the job done...just like he did before...Go Jerry!

Okay done with my rant now...aren't you glad?  I won't be posting much as I said..but time to time I just got to speak my mind "freely"...

Love you all,


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Lydia said...

So good to have you back posting, Rhi! I am wishing you a Happy Halloween and hoping you get some cuties in costume at your door (horribly rainy here, poor kids).

I love Jerry Brown, and attended a rally for him in Reno way back when he ran for President (he spoke from a simple wooden stage assembled in a local park). I still have my "Brown for President" t-shirt! I hope he wins this election so much.

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