Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today's a "new moon a risin", so "People lets stop the wars"...this Grank Funk video said it well.


Kerry M. Conway said...

Rhi -

I think I may have stumbled on a partial truth (and probable reason) as to why we are still engaged in War.

Can you imagine what would happen to the economy if we stopped the War in Iraq and allowed all of the troops to return home tomorrow? Think about it...

There are NO jobs, and the housing market is in shambles. Now imagine coming home, after serving your country faithfully for years only to find out there are no jobs, and that the unemployment, social security, and family indepent agencies; which supply millions of deserving Americans with needed benefits monthly are on the verge of extinction.

How scarey is it that the troops are better off (financially) staying over seas? It is sick!

We need to police America again. We have long neglected our own needs, and the visions of our forefathers.

I am proud that I served America but saddened by the neglect she is suffering thru the silence of the masses who are not speaking up and taking action to restore this great nation.

Just thinking... Thanks for listening.

You faithful friend, and USMC Veteran,


Rhiannon said...

I understand your point quite well Kerry...but also if the troops come home, as time goes on, think about how that money that has been used for years, will then be utilized? For the economy for the poor, for health care improvements and for many many other things..that money spent in billions and billions of dollars in last 9 years or so on the two wars, will be freed up!! As time goes on with no wars, things will improve..we've got to get started on this's more than past go in a different direction...let's make it happen.

We have wasted to much precious time to worry about a group of young muslims who are taught the "Quaran" (sorry spelling) in much more evil way then the true teachings of musling..they are manipulated into the wars by extremists...which by the way we do have that here in the good ole U.S.A also...militias are on the rampage and more and more are joining...we need to look inside our country and inside ourselves before we stop going to other places to keep just killing out of the fear of radical muslims who want us to do just that...fear them...I do feel very strongly that we have been playing into the extreme muslims hands for many years now and they are empowering themselves more each time just because we are. We must let go of the "fear" and "fear tactics" in our own country that we the people fear that other countries who we constantly rely on for oil and we must stand tall, face that fear and to "finally" deep in our hearts start feeling good about life and to "STOP" letting fear control us!...look at how our society acts now from all these years of living in fear and how many politicians manipulate this fear when running for political office get us to vote for them.

It's way beyond time to try and catch up with other parts of the world and to stop "looking" behind our backs and to stop looking back "in time" and it's also time to stop wanting to live in the past. What we are learning now and from the past will I hope help us to move on to the future and to finally "change"...for real...I'm sick of "Bollywood" politics and the heresay "gossip mongering" me your plan what your going to do, state it, talk about it..if all your going to do is use fear and trash your opponent you've got nothing I want in office!

Love and Blessings, for Love and Peace and "People let's stop the wars"..we are "we the people we are part of it all" so let's get started...I'm "good to go"!!!



Kerry M. Conway said...

Yes ma'am! You are good to go - and I am sitting here smiling from ear to ear, after reading your post response and cheering you on! "Go Rhi!!!"

goatman said...

Grand Funk RR -- red cover '70-- did they do any others?

I'm not sure I can argue war anymore. I was one of the wonder boys who opted for eternal peace after Nam and didn't even get a scrap of the peace dividend after USSR fell. It is hard for me to see how newer generations fall into the same old patriotic nonsense, as lockstep to a bad dance. What guides those to kill so readily. I will die wondering.
I deleted my post since the apparent hot-dry clouds of the graphic bummed me out every time I brought it up. Just needed something peaceful and natural to look at and dream about swimming in.
Be careful with your moving venture; you know it can be done in small parts mostly. Then bake a pie to reward help with the bigger parts. (strawberries should be in order this time of year?)