Sunday, July 18, 2010

Stop the wars! Think about these words in this "Disarm" Smashing Pumpkins video

"The killer in me is the killer in you".....I've always found those words in this song by the Smashing Pumpkins quite profound yet simply stated....and a simple truth..

Innocence lost in all the fear and pain....and so the violence begins...the saddest part of all of these wars. It's time for change and "New beginnings". We can only move forward to keep going back into the past to try to make a "healing change" is not possible...because we just keep ending up going "backwards" over and over, until we are spiraling out of control. The wonderful and good memories you have from the past, let them remain within your spirit...but living in the days of "ole" NOW and to think that would be the answer is a toxic reality that is not "real"......nothing will ever improve or change if we always think the past is the answer....wouldn't you agree?

Love and Peace to All,



goatman said...

There is no killer in me!
The past should bury its dead and leave us here at the edge of time, alone. We will invent our own future and there is the chance it will be a better one than that past.

Hey, I can hope can't I.

Muhd Imran said...

War benefits no one. It destroys everyone and everything. It is the worst of human's own design.

History repeats itself... that is the scariest of all. Being human, we might end up about the same place we are trying so hard to avoid from... to our own destruction.

Bleak? Yes. Hope? Always there in front of us.

The best we can do is to go forward because what we can learn from the past can be manipulated to be used for the future for the same purpose or agenda... good and bad.

Burfica said...

Hi ya Girlfriend!!! Remember me??? looks like I'm coming back. hehehehe

Rhiannon said...

goatman, I thought some might misunderstand the lyric "the killer in me is the killer in you"...I was trying to make a general point that wars in themselves are just full of hypocrisy...and also that some people are angry from childhood "issues" and in pain and so they join the army or air force or whatever during wartime..for all the wrong "vent"...not that there is any reason for war in my mind period..I mean where has it gotten any of us anywhere???

Our country is so in fear of "the enemy" over "there" while many here in this country with their militia's and their fundamental religions seem very similar to what they hate and resent...that people don't think or feel like them are always "wrong" does this sound familiar hey?

It's all just a viscous cycle that seems to never end. So that sentence from the song "the killer in me is the killer in you" is about hypocrisy, childhood pain and resentments to "get back" at the one that hurt them so bad and their built up pain and's all really a mixed bag of this...along with many people needing jobs so they join the army...I watch it right behind my apartment at the recruiting place they practice in the back and do a quick "bootcamp" in the parking lot and we hear a lot of screaming 'yes sir" and a lot of loud screaming vulgarity from their sargent training's pretty spooky to slowly hear and watch these new recruit get so geared up into "battle school"..often I want to walk over there and tell them to "stop, think what are you teaching these men and women"? be agressive and to be "afraid"..

all for and peace and stop the wars..