Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book quiz interesting results...

You're Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone!

by J.K. Rowling

While you may not be amazing in your own right as yet, people who
meet you can sense that you have immense potential to do great things in the future.
You inspire in people a sense of wonder and even childlike glee that is rare among
people, convincing them to follow your every move and even do things they normally
wouldn't. There are those who feel you're trying to ruin their faith or corrupt
their children, but you know that these histrionics are overreactions to your slightly
darker side. For the most part, you are just insanely popular. Don't trust your

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Thanks Lydia for posting this Book Quiz at your blog...very interesting

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Lydia said...

What fascinating results, Rhi! Your book is so much more fun than my book! I'm glad the embedding tool worked for you over here.

Everything at your blog looks stunning. I love your new dedication to peace. In honor of your inspiration and because you have convinced me "to follow your every move" I'm going back to my blog and putting yours on my blogroll.

Have a peaceful weekend.

p.s. I found this site last night and joined up. Your Melanie and the Cow art and what you wrote about it reminded me maybe you would find it interesting.