Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Hand Peace sign for love and peace for the world as requested by Ringo Starr for his Birthday today..

Love and Peace, people let's stop the wars! Don't just sit there do something, get a bumper sticker for your car, or give the peace sign with your hand whenever you can...be brave now...I know that "we" can do this! Don't give up....never give up for Peace and Love in the world.

Love, Peace and many Blessings for the world,



goatman said...

We used to post the peace symbol decal in the window of the Goat at Ft Polk in '70 when they were illegal. I like to think it may have made a little difference in the thinking of those who saw it.
Nice graphic -- why is it that the drummer seems always to be the most grounded of the band's members? What with all of the banging, percussion and all going on all around.

Beach Bum said...

Ringo is still the coolest. Why is he the most grounded? In my opinion because of all the reefer he smoked.

Lydia said...

Isn't Ringo the man?! What a wonderful way to commemorate one's own birthday. I really respect him and his efforts. I will flash the peace sign around my neighborhood when we walk the dogs! Great post, Rhi.
It's cooling down a little bit, and I hope you get some relief from the heat down there too.

Kylita said...

Peace, Love, Happiness, Respect, Trust and Chocolate! That's my Word and I'm sticking to it (and the chocolate is sticking to me).
Rhi, I love your posts and thanks also for the comments at my blog. Jeff thanks you too. If it weren't for seeing your blog, I wouldn't have heard of Ringo's BD request. I wrote a comment to you back at my blog also (hint hint).
I love the fact that as I write this I am seeing on your blog "I'm a proud member of "SisStar" of the C.O.D.E." that is a very elite group, you know, not that we're "elitists" but that it is rare and wonderful ... and I thank you for your membership and patronage. ;oD ^;^
Keep cool, SisSTAR of the
SisSTAR Kylita xo