Sunday, October 04, 2009

My first attempt at writing a poem in a year. "Strong Spirits Arise".......

I'm a "Rebel with a Cause"
no doubt about it
no hesitation
no pause...

I'm struggling
to keep the identity
of my Soul
if I don't save it
I'll never be "whole"

These constant rules
and regulations
I try to follow them
but find these fools
who run the show never do
nor abide or respect
human dignity
or the "Golden Rules"....

so others
become too fearful
to speak up
so, on and on it goes
but the ones
with a strong Spirit
the ones
who "Know"
what's going on
don't hesitate
nor pause.....

But there are harsh punishments
for speaking up
for a cause
this is the chance you take
these are the choices you make
yes, the good seem punished
and the bad rewarded
for whatever reason
this is
it probably will always be....
but does this mean
"Monkey never hears"?
"Monkey never see's"?
blinded in fears?
walls built around the castle
closed in
and shedding their quiet tears...

But, alas continue on
Strong Spirits Arise
and Stand Tall
for you know if you don't
they wait with sinister anticipation
to watch you crumble
to watch you fall
Joan of Arc knew it....
she knew it all along
but continue on
Spirits Arise
Spirits be Strong
even when you fall
Stand tall
Stand tall

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.)
*my thoughts on how I am feeling and "standing" right now*


Bawstongirl2010 said...


What beauty dances in the depth of these words! I can feel the struggle and depth of resolution. I have been moved and inspired by your work!!!


PS: you were right about facebook - my head hurts for the speed of the whole scene. I am just going to post on my blog from now on! LOL

goatman said...

YES!! Bursting out with bravery and strength the warrior goes forth.

I am encouraged to slay my own demons and overcome . . . you are back with beauty and truth.
I love it !!!!!!!!

Bawstongirl2010 said...

once again we are both on the same journey...we are both composing our poems again...amazing!

we are soul sisters!!

Kylita said...

So glad to see your new poem and understand the Journey!
I haven't begun to write many new things, but my writer's block is getting over, I think.
Isn't it sad that everything always seems to be a battle when what we all want is freedom to be at peace?
I went to visit my parents' graves after work today and the wind was blowing so cold...I had to pee! ha ha! so it was a real quick visit, but the first one in a real long time. Was just feeling lonely and, alas! betrayed by my bladder ;o(
Love your posted artwork also. Thanks for this post and for keeping on keeping on! Stand tall, SisSTAR of Enlightenment!

Jimmy said...

where u? missing u

Beach Bum said...

These constant rules
and regulations
I try to follow them
but find these fools
who run the show never do
nor abide or respect
human dignity
or the "Golden Rules"....

I can really relate with that stanz. Its really funny for me in the extreme to see the fools that run the side shows we call civilization keep postulating new rules when they never follow the old ones.

This poem made me feel better.

Lydia said...

It's a strong poem, Rhi, and one that leaves me wondering what's going on in your world. It sounds like you are contending with some real challenges right now. Venting via poetry is so healthy! It shows you haven't been brought down by whatever/whomever is threatening your peace of mind. I'm behind you all the way, my friend.

Michael Manning said...

Rhiannon: I admire you for the strength of this work! I "dried up" as a poet many years ago, but never worried much about it. I know that one day I'll find the inspiration again to write. In the meantime, I am blessed to read writing such as yours and to be able to appreciate it for it's beauty and creativity! :)

Rhiannon said...

Thank you everyone, you words and comments here really mean a lot to me..more than you'll ever gives me encouragement to be strong "inside" as strong as I can...or I won't make it..

Love Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

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