Friday, October 16, 2009

Beautiful Celestial Butterfly.....I think I'd like to be "out there" about now.


Kylita said...

I am definitely out there and I can't get back........trying not to get sucked into a black hole.
(Well, I do tend to be dramatic, don't I? ... it's not so bad, but I am glad to be free of "work issues" for a few days.)
Happy Sweetest Day to one of my very sweetest blogging buddies!
SisSTAR xo

Michael Manning said...

Such a thought-provoking image! :)

Muhd Imran said...

I think this was one of the picture the newly repaired and souped-up Hubble captured a while back.

Beautiful as it is mystical. One of God's greatest creations... or actually a Stella supernova end, I think.

Beach Bum said...

If I had my way, sort of emperor of Earth type deal, I would have a portion of all the money spent on war and weapons diverted to space exploration, both unmanned and manned. Given that we have learned so much from just sticking our toes in that great ocean its hard to fathom what else might be waiting.

Peg said...

WOW, Gorgeous!

goatman said...

I wonder if our galaxy would look as beautiful to someone out there in that one?
Or is it a nebula?