Thursday, September 03, 2009

You are and song by Josh Groban.

In my times of so many struggles...and in my times of solitude, quiet and also lonliness....I've often felt what this quote below says. I am on a continuous path of growth....of a journey to find who I am. Spirit finds me.

I also thought this song and video by Josh Groban "You are loved" fit the feeling quite I do love this song and his voice so much...whenever I hear this song on the radio I just stop anything I am doing and quietly listen and then remember that......"I am loved"..... Spirit finds me.

"There is no unassailable solitude. All roads lead to a same point: to the communication of who we are and we must travel across lonely and rugged terrain, through isolation and silence, to reach the "magic zone" where we can dance an awkward dance."

By Pablo Neruda (a thank you to Devika for giving me permission to use this quote from her blog)


Kylita said...

Sweet Rhi ;oD ... I no sooner changed my blog photo and template and, voila! my SisSTAR Rhi is commenting so sweetly for me! Thanks for your kindness and for cheering me on. I never asked Muhd for his permission, so I hope he won't mind. He did such a great job on that. Makes me want to get a larger zoom lens.
I haven't listened to Josh Grobin's song here yet since I'm being really, really quiet (other than these keys clacking) but I look fwd to hearing it tomorrow when I get up. Thought about calling you half an hr ago but I'm just too bushed tonight and need to go to bed. I guess I must've signed back on here just to get your comment!? That photo of me is actually quite a few yrs ago, but I probably haven't changed much. My hair can't get much whiter, eh? (whiter shade of pale) I've been so energized and hypnotized by this full moon--on my way home it was real dreamy looking with muted pinkish blue grey strands of clouds floating through its face, then when I got home just a few minutes later, it was out there full force and clear ... with whatever planet must be near it. It crosses our picture window thru the kitchen windows all night long and last night I heard cats either fighting or mating ... and I so hope it isn't Creamy Girl ;o( she's so precious and I hope she doesn't get pregnant. But! for now I am grateful I've only maybe 3-4 hrs of work tomorrow then freedom (to do household chores-poopy!) but no plans and some peace and fun...and sleep! Yes! Lots of dreaming lately...but that's nothing new, eh?
Yes, it is cooler, thankfully. Did you ever get the rain I blew your way? ;oD
Love, SisSTAR Kylita xo

Glennis said...

Nice quotes and a beautiful song, he can really sing. Nice to be reminded that we are loved.

Kylita said...

Glennis (above) visited my blog also. Hers is fascinating, too.
SisSTAR Rhi ... I wanted to let you know that I have "upgraded" (to use modern verbiage!) SisSTARS of the CODE to stand for Childless Orphaned Daughters of Enlightenment. Wanted to let you know!

Kylita said...

Great new artwork posted! You truly are good, SisSTAR!!! I commented after your comment on my blog a few mins ago also.

Lydia said...

He is stupendous, kinda a perfect man in my view! Seems to not be tainted by fame and I hope he never allows that to happen.