Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate

The Five Biggest Lies in the Health Care Debate

click on this link above....then when you get to the link, scroll down below the photo a wee read the facts...not the lies, gossips, made up statements that are false, and the false accusations that many are stating as so called "facts".

This is getting so ridiculous, but I at this point am wondering where are the responsible news journalists, reporters on the main networks and CNN? Why are they not checking the "facts" then correcting the false statements on the air that keep being made by people?...Why aren't the main news networks and CNN making the "corrections" and stating the "Facts"???Why aren't they? I'll tell you why. Ratings!! The all mighty dollar! Yep!

These "popular hosts"on other "opinions only" shows... that are trying to get people all stirred up and angry. Because they know people are mad and they want to make them more mad and you know what? It's working! It makes for higher ratings...they get all rapped up in it and seem to be enjoying it. How very sad...well their ratings are going up so hey why not keep letting it rip? Lost your dignity make up lies be on TV be irresponsible tell people lies and have them believe you...I have a question for these "Certain" hosts that don't do news or check facts, but just give their "heated opinions" the so called "talking heads" I include in here do you sleep at night knowing how you are only encouraging people to get more angry and more stirred up by your lies?..and what if people start getting hurt because of what you said? What if it all turns into a revolution of out of control violence? How will you live with yourself?

What has happened to us? Why do we let people who are not even journalist, let alone reporters, give us their warped and wrong opinions and then it's made up as fact? Why are they making so much money from their lies also??? And people believe it (because they are so angry anyway and need to believe it) and then run with it and it just becomes a big mess of petty gossip and here say and people go wild with it out of control!!...almost like the way Hollywood is. Shall we call it "Polliwood"? Meaning> "Politics like Hollywood gossip"... What the heck is happening to us? We need a new news channel called CTFN "Checking the Facts News"...and we need it on every single night to "correct" the misstatements, the false lies, the false accusations.and the threats!...this sure would come in handy about charismatic men or women, "losing it" on the air, waving their fists at one another and crying and making out of control faces all the time, or pounding their desk. And every time they ask a person (the guest on the show) a question, interrupting that same person once they proceed to answer the question (I call this a Sean Hannity "Soap Box" maneuver)with any guest that isn't a conservative.....because really they don't want the guest to answer the question they just want to slam anything the guest "starts" to say!

I will tell you that I very rarely watch Fox news and other such TV stations that "Spout off" opinions and false statements and trash people all the time...but I am aware of the shows from watching them in the past....and I do check in from time to time to see what they are doing "now", so that I will know whats going on. I do know that Glenn Beck used to be on the CNN headline news channel and have his own show there and I must say I never saw him being rude, angry or really mean. He was always "Civil" look at him? Wow they got him really worked up good and a good controversial TV show that "works", so why not Fox channel? Enjoy the "Show" everyone because that's just what it is...a "show" just like his new book. Money money money.. One thing I do like about MSNBC hosts on their shows they are "polite" and they are "Civil" and they are mature adults.. A few of them do go through "fact checking" on a daily regular basis.....Rachel Maddow and even Keith O...Keith O loses it some times..but he and Rachel Maddow do show press "fact" clips and written statements and video clips of people to "correct" those same people's false statements or "false accusations", including from the liberal left also. They do their homework and do the "bookwork"...liberal or not, they do not just state things of their own all the time from their mouths, they "show" and "correct" statements and check the facts..that's a lot of homework to do don't you think?. And they also let the "other person" (the guest) "speak" without screaming back at or interrupting them all the time...they let them "finish"...most of the least..

I am so tired of all the anger, immaturity, it's so childish and so mean. But it does seem to work doesn't it? And this is what scares me so...naive people who refuse to think for themselves who refuse to "Check out the facts" and just believe whatever they hear as long as it's on "their side" no matter what! Their stubbornness outnumbers us all in their popularity in this country! And the money they make while doing this??? It astounds me!
It's rather a lazy way of living by not learning things for yourself and educating yourself by "looking it up" or whatever...just turn the TV on and listen to your "yes person" and there you go! other "facts" or "truths" do they want to read or 'Hear" mental or physical energy on their part to use their own brain that was given to them as a precious gift to "learn"...

What are we doing and whom are we fooling? Ourselves or them? Where is our dignity our integrity? Our manners? Our respect for one another? Gone gone with the wind??? sigh.. Okay so I am giving an opinion on here aren't I? Am I a hypocrite?...could be? But I am using my brain and I "Do" look up and check for the "real facts" I don't just believe whatever people tell me. But.......I'm not waving my fists or screaming, or yelling or threatening anyone, or making up false stories and lies to try to make people so fearful...I just want us to "calm down" and have rash peaceful discussions, instead of pointing false accusations and calling one another terrible names and disgracing ourselves...and using Ted Kennedy's death to trample all over him about the health care bill...after his death? My God how terrible how respect for someone who has just passed on and a whole family has lost him, still in mourning..

I can't go on I am still in this countries attitude towards one another...just because we all have different thoughts and opinions doesn't mean we have to be so cruel and so heartless and so mean and so racist!! Yes I said it...I do feel that some people in this country seem to be terrified of having a black man in the white house as president...they are afraid everything will "change"...well I sure hope everything does "change" and for the better...we've got some huge lessons to learn here everyone!......big huge spiritual lessons...we better get our "sh**" together or else! That song "Teach your children well" comes to my mind..and I wonder "are we"? No, I don't think some parents are teaching their children "well" "By example" at all. Do you? They seem to be only teaching them there is only "one way" and to be angry and mean towards anyone else that thinks or is different. Poor kids learn to be prejudice by the time they grow up...but only if they chose too..once grown up they will either take responsibility for themselves and their actions or they won't!

Okay, I suppose I have been on a soapbox in this post but I'm done now...thank you for your patience of reading this...and "hearing" me...




Bawstongirl2010 said...

it's turly sad, indeed.

Racial tensions are at an all time high, which of course is much heighted do to the failing economy...

ted kennedy was a great mam, he will always be thought of and loved. the fact that his health care bill is still causing political unrest is something that the kennedy family is accustomed to.

people are scared and lashing out -plain and simple. i am worried that we are heading for another civil war in america!

Bawstongirl2010 said...

i am here...even when i am not here...make any sense?

love you!


great post.

Carolyn said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly Rhi! And it makes me so mad. I think O'Bama is trying to make people understand his new healthcare policy but so many are just deadset against hearing it for the "obvious" reasons. It's sick!

I have (or had, I should say) a blog friend for many years who was also in a poetry writing group that up until last year stopped talking to me. The only thing I could think of was because of political reasons. I kept her on my blogroll but then finally deleted her since she stopped updateing her blog anyway.

Well, last week she found me on Facebook and asked me to 'friend' her, which I did. She still don't talk to me but she posts all this political junk reflecting her fear of her right to bear arms being taken away; her elderly rights being forced away; etc. etc... junk she hears from Fox News, Rush Lindbaugh, Joe Wilson, etc. She has all her other supportive friends on her page "yepping & agreeing" w/her. I know she wanted to add me on just so I'd see it and she's trying to lure me into an arguement so she & her cronies can jump me. It's their way. I won't do it. I'll just delete her from my friend list like I did her blog, haha!

She'd rather sit on her bum and chain smoke cigs, complain about having no health care while killing herself on tobacco, fuss about her sky-high rent while living on low SSI, blame Clinton for the deficit, give Bush kudos for being the good guy, although he didn't appear to give her anything while he was in office except send her son and son-in-law to Iraq, and accuse O'Bama of wanting to take the country back to a state of white slavery or something. And her thinking represents a lot of "white christian fools" out there. It's scary!

Ugh, sorry to go on so. This just winds me up like a top, lol!

Ardi K said...

There is no real reporting in the mainline media which "educates" the masses because so few people think for themselves. The media (who do exactly what they are told), AMA (who protects Big Pharma), Big Pharma (who prices nickle pills at 100s-1000s of dollars), the insurance industry (who say YES to this, but not to less costly/more effective alternative care), and the gov. (who pertends like they are for the people, but really just want to keep us alive enough to milk our last $ and expression of freedom from us) are all in an unholy alliance. There will be either revolution or slavery. Read Richard Maybury, Ron Paul, Dr. Joseph Mercola for common sense, lower costing, more effective options that preserve what little freedom we have left. I can and do stay healthy by living healthy and choosing healthcare practicianers who believe the same way and don't what the gov making healthcare decisions for us. By educating myself I know the only enemy is ignorance and those who want the people to stay that way. A walk in the woods is far more life-giving and entertaining than media channeled propaganda. The answers do not come from talking heads, but comes from within. Tune in to the Inner Source.

Michael Manning said...

When I was a reporter and news anchor, I can honestly say that I reported only the facts with the highest order of integrity and reliability. You are correct in stating that editorializing runs rampant and the lines are clearly muddled between fact and opinion. But then, I rose through the ranks from 1990 forward and had many good mentors. Among them, the late Bob Edwards at CBS News.

Blessings to You!
Michael :)