Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy "The Lion" passes on.....


Lydia said...

Lovely tribute, Rhi.
I'm about ready to post mine, but am waiting until midnight (for Old Postcard Wednesday to be finished at my blog) so thought I'd hop over here to see how you are.

I love your drawing of the native American girl. You are SO talented!

I hope you are feeling stronger these days. Haven't asked for is Lizzie?

Take care,

goatman said...

I guess Teddy shows us what can be endured, even up to little John crashing into the sea on a dark night.

Kylita said...

And don't forget, his sister just died also. A lot of sorrow in that family but the love and goodwill underneath it all comes through. Let's hope consciousnesses are raised in finding a replacement in the Senate ... there is no replacement in the Family.