Friday, August 21, 2009

Dedicated to my "SisStar" Kylita and her family....don't get too dizzy watching this...

Kate Bush song and video "Moments of Pleasure"..


Kylita said...

Rhi Rhi Rhi ... you have returned to me tenfold all the fun I had last night making your mailing I sent out this morning. Tears are streaming down my face...I understood much of this which others might not, but then, you DID dedicate it just for me. No one has ever done that, you know. I even saw "Bill" Sunday, my ex-husband who looked a lot like the Bill in this video. He's lived way beyond what hospice diagnosed him with.
This morning I had a lucid dream that I was outside and our dog Mandy was going to grab a bunch of suet out of a bird feeder and I was yelling at her...she had a big chunk in her teeth and was stealing it and then I remembered, hey! girl, you're dead! Go ahead and steal that stuff if you want to, and thanks for visiting ... 3 yrs tomorrow we ended your pain and we're still trying to end ours about that moment. I'm off on a tangent here, still spinning around from watching. What I really liked was her mom's saying, "Every old sock finds an old shoe," and "ain't that a great saying?" Thanks, SisSTAR ... your "member in good standing" gift is on its way ;oD
Love to you........klh xo

Kylita said...

p.s. I just ate a lot before watching ... ha ha! I was a little dizzy, too! wheeeeeee! I fed your fish xo