Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kate Bush...."Deeper Understanding"....she wrote this song in 1989....computers in our lives...ahead of her time as always.

**Turned out I had to purchase the special "discount" laptop at wal mart right they only had one left in the county and I called all over and had them hold it for me while I zoomed over there and bought it! They won't have this deal again for this price! At BestBuy they were selling this same laptop for almost $500.00 through June and July until they ran out! I got mine for $298.00! Well it hurt my pocketbook but I did what I had to do, as I do my banking and important (ongoing) social security stuff online which helps me to not have to run all around town all the time to do all of this "stuff". It will help reduce my stress*.

So, yes computers are good in many ways I must admit. However, through all of the years of hearing this song of Kate Bush's it would always make me stop and ponder...and feel sad too. To think she wrote and sang this 20 years ago! That's Kate for you...always seemed to be ahead of her time.

By the way I have decided to "still' take a "well deserved vacation" (away from blogging) of more time to rest and do whats best for me right now....however I will post some of the music videos that I love and or relate to on my blog....because now that I have a great new laptop pc I can now download videos I love! So, hope you will drop by from time to time to check in and see what kind of "food for thought" video and song I have in here.

Stay calm and stay well dear friends,

Love Rhi


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new pewter laptop enjoy and I had never heard this before... Interesting. Anne Monkey Bear
Thanks for your e-mail keep me posted. Is P still in WA.?

Kylita said...

Hi Rhi ... the text color is a bit better but still a little faint, but it could just be my eyes now. I really liked the music of this but it was really hard for me to hear what she was saying, I think due to so much accompanying music and her voice is whispery often. I loved the photo of her with all the blue wrapped around her head and her dark hair wild all around her, just her head sticking out. I think I understood the gist of it but I could not make much out of her words...I'm sorry ;o(
I hope you feel better soon, SisSTAR. Is it better to write on here or OK for email, too? Let me know. I'll check back here in a day or so just in case.
Love, SisSTAR Kylita xo
p.s. glad to hear Lizzie is good!

David E. Patton said...

Go to and sign up or in and create a playlist of songs after that you will be given a code copy it and then go to your bogger page sign in and click dashboard clock layout you should then see add gadget click that/ then click HTML/Java script
Plaste code, save and there you go

Bawstongirl2010 said...

woo hoo! you go rhi! enjoy your new computer. the girls are saving up to buy their own laptops - tg! this poor old computer of mine is getting over taxed! ;)

keep on shining!

love yeah,