Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy 4th Blog Anniversary to me!

It's now official! I started this blog 4 years ago this month of July! It seems even longer than that...for some reason. So I hope you all will drop by and post a comment, maybe having a thought or two about first connecting with my blog and I...or just your thoughts about our friendships through the years... or just to drop by and say "Hi" and wish me a Happy 4th Blog Anniversay"!
It's amazing how I still have many of my orginal (from the beginning) blog friends that have stuck with me "through and through" all this time. Being there for me through the good and the bad, the thick and thin. Some people came and went...and then there are my fairly new blog friends within 6 months to one year ago. I feel very blessed and priviledged to have gotten to know all of you and I want to thank all of you for the many blessings of being my dear blog friends.
Some of you are on the other side of the world in another country. I thank you for the ones across the country and across the world that have snail mailed me, written wonderful Birthday greetings with beautiful cards and wonderful hand written thoughts. Along with beautiful surprising gifts some of you have sent to me! "Dreaming Firefly", all the way from Singapore, you have been such a loving, supportive and kind friend to me from the very beginning. I will never forget you. SiSstar Kylita, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You have been so incredibly thoughtful. and such a good friend to me. Carolyn all the beautiful 8 "special" Angel figurines are so very beautiful I love them, along with the other suprises you sent me! Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and I will take very precious care of your precious angels. Kerry, Carolyn, Ardi, Sister Anne, Lydia, Sarah, David, a very special thanks! David is a very talented poet and you can find his blog on my blog list of friends to the left of my blog, click on "Uncle David". He sent me one of his books "The Trinity" a book of "Poetry and Art". He is a very very talented man...born to be a poet. He address's all the aspects of life. "The Trinity" is an incredible book of poems and my favorite poem in there David is "The American Killer". You can find this poem in his blog in his archives.
This is such a treasure when I receive these personal touches along the way. Some of you are on the other side of the U.S...not many of you are very close by me or near my state at all....two I think...but you are all very close to me in my heart. We all have built a very special bridge of friendship, love and communication all the way across the world.!...our paths have met along this bridge of kindness, understanding, friendship and love.


Love and Blessings,

Your loyal friend, Rhi


monkey bear said...

Oh Rhi this is truly beautiful a reflection of it's author thankyou so much for sharing your beautiful spirit for dreams and life and just being you with much love Anne

monkey bear said...

Congrats and celebrating you are magic.. Hey if your interested being an artist I hope you would get the movie Dog Of Flaundres thats what our pooch is make sure it is the Black dog on the cover... you can get it at the library free let me know I highley recommend it to you and Monkey Bear does too....

Bawstongirl2010 said...

My dearest Rhi,

Happy 4 Years!

I have been with you since day one, and I am not going anywhere.

Your blog is my touchstone...



Ardi K said...

Though I haven't commented a lot on your blog, I've enjoyed your art and poetry for years. Congratulations! on 4 years! And thank you for visiting River Tree Whispers.

David E. Patton said...

Rhi thank you for the kind words. I haven't been visiting many blogs as of late as I have been busy cutting down a 501 pages poem to 201 pages. Let me take this time to wish you a most gracious and heart felt happy 4th with many years to come. i must say that when I see your artwork I am just floored by the love that you manges to put in them. I use to paint a lot when I was in my 30s but writing has taken over. So it should not come as a suprize that your wonderful work make me want to take up the brush again, to follow in your footsteps. I can not for the life of me understand why you are not better known as I am sure that your work will work well as posters and many people will but them, be that as it may happy happy 4th year and please keep going strong

Love David

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

thanks for the mention!
4 years is a long time! I have only been doing it for a little more than ½ a year... Congratulations!!! You are quite a talentend artist as I can see from all your drawings!
and also congratulations once again on finally having achieved what you wanted to achieve for a long time! well done!!!

Thanks for your thoughtful comment. yes, the book sounds interesting. yeah, really terrible that those things do happen!!!
imagine to loose your face as well? did he get only intravenious fed or what? absolutely terrible!

Anyway, nice to hear from you again and I have also just posted soemthing you should know about (health related), which should work for you, too:

love and happy anniversery!
sarah sofia

Lydia said...

Happy 4th Blogiversary, Rhi! I guess I didn't realize that you've been at this for that amount of time, and I'm impressed you've stuck with it given the personal challenges you've had. Shows how strong, like water, you are. Just like your beautiful words in this celebration post, your life seems to flow gently while strongly creating a better future. Along that line, I really love your artwork titled The Wet Look. You are an amazing artist!

I am not sure but I think we found one another's blog via YogaforCynics. In any case, I'm so glad that we did.

Off you go to a fifth year of blogging! Congratulations.


Muhd Imran said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your 4th year.


I came to your blog to read your shared experiences and opinions, I was glad and am still happy to find a friend with so many genuine talents.

Your courage, independence, and especially that beautiful soul inspire me.

Thank you for being my friend.

Dreaming Firefly said...

Dear Rhiannon...
So touched to receive your greetings and blessings, in every little way during the past years...
Through your writings, your drawings & your sincere comments, you are there to inspire and encourage... :o)

It's amazing how individuals connect and how friendships are built, especially in such a virtual cyberspace...

Well... You are so far, yet so near...
However, for sure, you'll always have a place somewhere in my heart... :o)

Keep going!
Warm Wishes

goatman said...

You are most welcome. There are many gentle and fine people on the blogs and you are one of them.

Thanks for the medical info on my blog. I only had to sign for a disc copy of my CT and X rays at the local hospital to handcarry to a specialist; not for any records sent or faxed. But it does bug me that there are not central data bases with individual medical records which could be accessed by any doctor (with my approval). I think this is one area which may improve with the new health care bill--at least I hope so.
As for your latest doctor, I am glad you are getting rid of this guy. He would only make life harder for you in the future ,and who needs more drama when a visit to the doctor is concerned? He may also peg you as a possible troublemaker/lawsuit-type (which you are not) and call for more tests and procedures to cover his legal a**.
I am thinking of getting rid of the hematologist I have been seeing for the past 4 months (I have an increased M-protein in the blood, whatever that is)because he does scads of blood tests and doesn't really tell me whats going on with the test values or answer my questions.Just swoops in with a flash of white coat tells me what he needs to say, then leaves; $18 a minute I figure. I do have insurance but it maxes out at $7500
of outpatient charges. Getting close . . .
He was little help with my back problem so I went to the Orthopedist for help.

Nuff of this medical talk . . . enjoy your 5th year of the blogging world, fine free institution that it is.

Carolyn said...

Awwww, you are so sweet! I've enjoyed knowing you even though we lost touch there for a while, but glad I found your link again :) You are so welcome for the angels too! You are one also ya knw ;)

Hope you post some pics soon of your new "art find." She sounds beautiful! I hope once I get moved and settled (again) to put all my poetry and short stories in a booklet form. Don't know if it will publish or not, but if not, I think I'll set up a blog just for them anyway. I used to post some of them once in a while but most of my readers don't like that sort of thing. Pooey on them, lol! I need to find that reader base out there and niche and get a blog going in it somehow, like you have here with your friends, for peeps who read and appreciate poetry and non mainstream writings I suppose.

Happy Blogiversary Rhi-- and many more!!

Carolyn said...

Oh Rhi, have you checked into those little digital cameras at Walmart that you use for so many photos and then throw away? We use them now & then when we forget our Nikon and they actually work pretty good. Haven't bought one in about a year but to my knowledge they still have them.

Kylita said...

SisSTAR Rhi!! You first stopped by my blog asking about the C.O.D.E. but I don't know where you first found me? I am so happy you did because we are kinded spirits and our friendship will be long and good. I have watched you evolve in such wonderful ways, and hopefully you me (you that good English? ;o)?) Your artwork is excellence and your poetry so meaningful. I esp enjoy when we get a chance to call one another and have appreciated the cards you've sent me also. I see I am in an elite group of well-wishers when I say Happy 4th Anniversary for Bloggying ;oD ... this is one of my favorite places to be, since we can't be in closer proximity, virtual space makes us right here and now! Will connect again soon. Also the work you do with photography embellishment is very cool! Your talent is multifaceted and beautiful, SisSTAR!!!

Kylita said...

p.s. One more thing! We saw the Fox and the Child Sunday and it was such a wonderful film. I wanted to thank you for recommending it as we haven't rented anything in a long time and I specifically looked for it ... was the only one there. Have you ever seen The Weeping Camel? That also is gorgeous and poignant.

Rhiannon said...

Thank you everyone for dropping by to celebrate the 4th year of my Blog. It does feel like I've been blogging longer than that..for some reason.

Dreamingfirefly I've not heard or "read" from you in a while and it is so very very nice to have you come comment in here. I remember so many things you "wrote" to me and your response comments to a lot of my poems through the years. You always gave me food for thought and I learned to always see "the other side of the coin" from you..if you remember I even wrote that post on my blog "the other side of the coin" way back when.

David, Kylita, Carolyn, Sister Anne, Lydia, Sarah...some of you new in small space in the world, here in my blog..some of you been around since the beginning..almost at least! Kylita your "package" of all kinds of wonderful things for my new apartment..thank you so much..and also..upon receiving both of your packages it was like Christmans time opening up these "presents" and finding such wonderful little suprises "tucked" in there. It's strange as in all the 11 years since my divorce I must say this last year is the only year that I have truely felt that I am not along. I have true friends that have been so there for me..and it's just such a gift after years of struggling on my own to do it all..which I think might have been part of my downfall in the first just sucked me dry. Well, my friends life is still not easy as you know but I am not alone ya all..

Kerry, I remember when I came upon your blog through someone else's blog and I remember you were going through so much with your daughter so very very ill..with cancer..and I remember how sad and in need of moral support you were..and so I gave you what I could. Remember the story of our "one wing" Kerry? I know you do. Well, I feel like this time it's my time to only have the one've become so strong and I've watched you grow and grow and grow! So very proud of you!

Imran you have been such a blessing and always so kind supportive, and gave me a lot of inspiration just by your encouraging words in your comments to me..thank you from my heart and soul.

I think I better close now you can only have so many words in here. I might make another comment!

Rhiannon said...

Darn typos with my dsylexia! I meant "I don't feel alone anymore".

Ardi K said...

Per your comment on by blog (blogger isn't letting me post on mine for some reason.): I thank you too, Rhi. You are my most faithful follower, as far as comments go. I do appreciate genuine expressions of feelings like yours.

Rhiannon said...


I'm hoping you will have your "Carolyn's Blog of Poems" up soon! Because you will most definitely have one person to start with that I know of...who will be coming to that blog to read your poems and make comments. That would be me!..:o)..oh, and I just bought some "old fashioned film" for my non samsung "non-digital" camera (which I love dearly) and just took some photos of my Sara Moon original print of "Hippie Girl". Once I get the roll of film processed (if hippie girl photos turns out half way decent)then I will scan one or two photos and do a blog post to share share my story with everyone about how I "Accidently" found this beautiful peice of artwork.

So, Carolyn, when that time comes for you to start your blog of poems, please let me know of your new "Carolyns Blog of Poems" address.

I hope all the organizing and putting together your move goes quickly and efficiently and is overwith before you know it! I'm a pro at you know..for I've done it so many times(I can do it in my sleep)anyone could hire me and I would be their "planner" and make sure it's all done and taken care of. But if they did hire me to do this..I would make sure someone else does all the physical labor and footwork, not me anymore!! Enough is enough. I'm so so tired..:o(

Ardi, as long as I'm blogging I will always drop by your blog and read your lovely insightful work of poems. Thank you too.

This has truley been a strange year for all of us hasn't it? But life just keeps rolling along..only a lot of bumps along the road..we either move around them, or hit them head on!..or we may even try to move those irritating bumps blocking our paths along the way..and we are successful at it some times.....with a little help from our friends...;o)..let's not lose sight of this!

Love and Blessings and peace for this crazy world of ours,


Bawstongirl2010 said...

i loves you, rhi.

yes, i was via the love and support i received her in blog world that i truly began ti heal...your support has changed my life. its amazing how much a person can grow when they feel heard, loved, and accepted - even when their wing is broken and they cannot fly.

i am much stronger now and i am here beside you wait for you to soar beside the rest of us who healed and continued to strenghten our newly found understanding of love, hope, peace, and faith.

people have beautiful souls; i will never forget my time spent with my broken wing - life is hard - it was apon excepting this that i doubed myself grounded and than the miracle of transformation began...

blessed be.



YogaforCynics said...

Four't think I knew what a blog was four years ago...then, I tend to be a bit slow when it comes to this technological stuff...


Michelle said...

Wow! Congrats on 4 great yeats!

Bawstongirl2010 said...

hey there. how are you doing? hope all is well for you doll.

i just read my last message - major typos! (sorry)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being so human when so many aren't.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hi Rhy,
here's something you might enjoy as well:

Carolyn said...

Rhi, When the blog gets up for my poems and stories, you will be the first I tell :)

And, I wish I could hire you and fly you over here to help me pack for the move, then take you with to unpack, setup the things and choose curtains, bedspreads, etc. Wouldn't that be fun?! If only, darn it!

Rhiannon said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog Bagley dog. Yes, I am most definitely robot here...

Sarah will try and drop by your's been a problem for me when I try to make a comment on your blogs as you have it takes my "ole pc" so long to download your blog page..and I then get cut of..still waiting to try to send my laptop off for a new mother board or whatever you call it..saving my pennies to mail it of to somenone who promises me they can replace and fit that!.

Carolyn, Count on me I will be there at your new blog. I love writings, stories, poetry, thoughts and observations about "life in general" and I've always thought your writing is very good at this! Yes, it would be nice to help you with your moving and "ooh and aaahing" at picking the material, patterns and colors for your new home. Unpacking though? I don't though I had no furniture I've got all these boxes of papers and albums, and stuff like this and I still haven't sorted and unpacked this stuff..and most of it has got to room here in my very "Small" apartment..but am just greatful to have a place to live at this point in this financial crisis we are all going through.

Wow, this post sure is getting a lot of comments..maybe I will not do another post for a week or so and you all can keep on coming back and letting me know how things are going for you all.

Thanks for joining in my 4th year Blog anniversay.



Peg said...

Happy 4th year to you
I love the smile coming thru
I'm glad all is well dear
And many dreams to come true

And blessing tooooooooo!

"Sing it to the Happy Birthday tune" ;-0}

Hey four years sure go by fast don't they? Hard to believe but I am glad you are still here! You take good care and Lord willing, we will celebrate another four years!

All my love and prayers,

monkey bear said...

Just stopping in today to say thinking of you and big hugs... e-mail me if you have any updates...

monkey bear said...

Hiya rhi thanks for the comment on my blog I will show you any pics I can round up that possibly resemble Stevie Nicks I think that the only common thing in some pics is the shape of the face and somewhat eyes.. we are no where near same size same nose mouth.. I think people just don't really know what she looks like as we do so they just say it but we shall see.. I do not look like her at all as a child perhaps in her older years people are generalizing so I'll show you when I can locate a scan or two...Hugs

Lisa Allender said...

I believe I found you through Lydia, of the blog, "Writerquake".
I love reading your very kind and tender comments.
"Never Change" is what lots of folks would write in yearbooks in Senior Year of High School, but of course, we all, I'll just say Please Keep Your Wonderful Spirit, Always!!
Peace, yo.
Friend-Request me using "Lisa Nanette Allender" at Fabeook, if you wish. You have WONDERFUL other "regulars" here--your readers/viewers appear to be incredibly sensitive, well-read souls. Good for you--and for those of us who read you & your pals' comments!!

Lisa Allender said...

uh, it's nearly 5:00 A.M., so please excuse the error, above. That should read:
Please Friend-Request me, using "Lisa Nanette Allender", at: