Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dedicated to my sister...Hold on....I love you..

This post is dedicated to my younger sister "P". This photograph was taken at a wedding shower for me in 1984. My sister was 30 and I was 34. My sister is the "Blonde" on the left and I'm the "Brunette" on the right. Not only were we different in hair color but we are and were as different as night is to day. Yet we've much in common in some ways, as we've both gone through a lot of very difficult "hurts and wounds" throughout our lives. But we each took very very different paths because of them. I didn't know what I could do to help her....and so I did a "fast" today thinking of her and asking for a blessing, that her Guardian Angels be all around her at this time, healing her body, spirit, heart and mind....

Dear Sister,


that I am thinking of you

every day

my heart yearns

for healing

for you

for both of us

love lost in our lives


that we both

did try our best

in our own

weird way

to survive

the best we could....

under very very

difficult circumstances....

I am trying

to remember

the good times

with you...

and not the bad....

our trying not to laugh

at the dinner table

knowing full well

that the more we did

the more trouble

we were in....

but we continued

to laugh anyway

kicking one another

under the table..

we laughed so hard

we could barely breath....

yes, those were wild

and crazy times..

our rebellion

is what freed

our hearts....

hard as it may be

for others to understand

we continued on

and did all the things

we were never


to do


All the wild times

and crazy things

that we both did


dancing and head banging

the music blasting

letting all our tears

and pain

and fears

fade away

feeling free

in the movements

letting it all

"hang out"....

back then

we knew

it was the only way

to sing

to play

to dance

the pain away...

we paid for it


and we knew

we would

but we did it anyway....

it was worth it....

wasn't it?

As time went on

our journeys

went down seperate paths

along different directions

in our travels in life

and now we've come

to another hurdle

the most difficult kind.....

I shed tears

and remember

the good times...

Remembering and hoping

for new times

for a new day

in the dawning

of softer rhymes

for a new beginning

in a new way

for you...

Please know.....

that I love you....

and I do forgive you....

don't give up....

Hold on....


Your Sister


Kylita said...

The pure essence of Grace, my dear SisSTAR Rhi. I bow to you, palms together. ~~

Lydia said...

This is a gift of soul and substance to your sister, Rhi. It just has to help.

Muhd Imran said...

This is such an honor to your Sis. Hopefully she reads this and knows the bonds never were broken.

Beautiful writing.

monkey bear said...

Amen...This is the greatest gift...LOVE!

Hale McKay said...

What a wonderful tribute to your sister!

By the way, you and your sister were like in another way - both attractive.

goatman said...

I have a younger brother in unknown straits. Your poem could have been for him as well as for your sister!

Bawstongirl2010 said...


i can so see brooke and kayla when i see the two off you together in that picture - complete opposites, dark haired makayla and blonde brooke.

you are in my thoughts and prayers, as is your sister.

love yeah.


Carolyn said...

This is beautiful Rhi. Simply beautiful. I cannot imagine that your sister would not find it so as well.