Monday, July 06, 2009

The Fox and the Child...I watched this tonite..wonderful

I watched this beautiful movie tonite. I just loved it. At the end of the movie I felt the childs last words were so made me cry and smile at the same time. Watching this movie reminded me in some ways of me as a child and young teen when we always went camping, whether the forest or the desert. My parents were always fighting and yelling and I would walk away from the campsite for a mile or two and find myself in some "Enchanted land". Where I always felt such peace and serenity and would look at the beauty around me and talk to the little animals. I never felt scared, instead it felt the "safest" place for me to be in the world. I always felt such a connection. I have stayed this way ever since a connection with nature has never left frees my spirit.

I miss not being able to go out to the ocean or country much. I miss the ocean so very much! But I can take walks and look up at the beautiful trees and the beautiful sky and feel the wind in my face and hair and I am happy. I look out my apartment window and there are these cute squrriles that come up to the window every day..and believe it or not there are these two bluebirds that I talk to from the window and I swear they come right up near the window and look up at me and yes "MY CAT" too!...who is sitting on the window seal. They have kind of become our friends. Oh, did I mention the two ducks that fly over to the lawn ( I have no clue where they fly from there is no body of water near that I know of) and they come "Quacking" up to the window too. I talk to all of these creatures as I always have. I know it's strange but it's always been this way with me and all the creatures and animals.

What a wondrous movie. I'm so glad I decided to pick this one to rent at blockbusters. It reminded me of my innocence and the freedom I used to feel in my difficult childhoold... I had found a "safe place" to go and temporarily a way to walk away from all the dysfunction. I would highly recommend renting this beautiful movie to all my blog friends.




Bawstongirl2010 said...


i am glad to find you enjoying some relazation via cinema. i have never seen this movie. i will check it out just a soon as i can! thanks for sharing your find with us!

ps - when i am in boston in a few weeks i am going to be walking the ocean shoreline. i will think of you as i splash me feet in the water, and smell the salt in the air. i cannot wait!

Bawstongirl2010 said...

just passing by. hope you are doing well, rhi.

love and blessings


goatman said...

You must place food for the animals you attract ( he says knowing that you probably do anyway).
I have 5 Rouen ducks which cannot fly but flap their wings to sonic speeds sometimes. They eat hard corn; some call it feedcorn since cattle and hogs eat it as well. You may have to travel to the country to find it at a farm supply store (itis cheap)

Of course bluebirds eat tiny recollections and tweet them back as a happy past --- you know.

Kylita said...

Thank you, Rhi, for your phone msg last night. I was bummed not to have gotten the call, but the msg sure was great, to hear your voice. I totally agreed with what you said about having been able to say what you did, for your own benefit. You are the best author of your life, Rhi. I just know anyday now we are going to really connect on that phone! In the meantime, I loved your msg and your voice sparkled.
p.s. This sounds like a great movie. I will try and find it.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

sounds like you now live in a great environment! i am so happy for you!!!

monkey bear said...

we will rent it thanks we are trying to get the time right now to see Sleepy Hollow which we rented a month ago we have been really busy so I can't wait..Thanks
and I have an eagle named Martha I can talk too.. All the pics of the wildlife we take I talk to them and they are not afraid... A real God send! Hey google or go to
see if his website comes up.. He's the one that chose George for the award in a blind competition and awarded it with Ansel Adams family check out hair and children people catagories...

Lisa Allender said...

Sweet--I'll definitely go get this film! Thanks for the recommendation, Rhi!