Thursday, February 19, 2009

Running up that Hill video song by Kate Bush

This song and video is my very favorite of Kate Bush's. They rarely showed this video in the 80's on MTV other than very very late at night. So I would stay up late to see it then taped it. Kate is so talented always ahead of her time I thought. She's never been very popular in the U.S. not sure why. She produces her own musical works...she writes the lyrics, the music, plays piano, other instruments and as you can see is great at ballet and modern dance...very unique and lovely video...and beautiful song indeed..."Let's exchange the experience"...:o) of her lines from this song. I hope you enjoy the video theme, song and lovely artistic dancing.


Kylita said...

Awesome! Never heard or saw it before. Hope you'll check out a Walela song or two I posted. Still can't get the hang of posting the whole video, but just a line to click on. You probably heard of them, but they are Rita Coolidge and her niece and sister, and they are Cherokee and Walela stands for "Hummingbird".
Thanks for your great posts!
SisSTAR xo

Lydia said...

Excellent! She is a limber, expressive dancer. I loved the choreography and production of this. Same Kyle I'd never heard it before. The song is dated now and sounds 80s-ish, but the theme-as you said-is truly fine. Thanks for showing it, Rhi!

Devika said...

This was a special one, Rhi
thank you for psoting it :)


Lisa Allender said...

Rhiannon, I love Kate Bush.
Come say his sometime at my blog.You know what?You may wish to check out a pal of mine's blog, Modern Confessional. His name is Collin Kelley, and he (very!)often posts about Kate Bush; he even belongs to her FAN CLUB in UK!(he lives in Atlanta, Georgia)
His blog address is:

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Hello from Scandinavia! this is sarah sofia writing to you. i saw your comment on lydia's blog and got evenm more curious, when I checked out your profile. It says your are an artist, well me too and a writer (guess, that makes me "double hopeless"?!) but seriously, you said, you are a survivor, surviving what? Would you like to tell me? i got very touched about your comment and the story about your friend who dies in action in Nam. very sad story, butthen again, there are so many of these! And sad also, that they treated you like that in school. But you know, it also happens all the time, Bullying and unjustice are just so common and it sometimes feels that one can never win fighting these, but then there are still breakthroughs and the light can be seen after all!
I have 2 blogs in english, which might be interesting for you:
See you around!
love, sarah sofia

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Dear Rhi, I got very touched by your comment, I will post something to that on my blog later today and I have also commented below your comment. But both are more superficial comments than I would like to give you. I can't find your e-mail-address, so if you would like to mail me, please use:
if that doesn't work leave a comment again on one of my blogs.
But i just wanna say, that i do feel for you and yes, I know exactly what it feels like, being afaid to get kicked out and I think, you are right, you have to do what you have to do, for the time being. we are all pretty much slaves to the physical needs of the body and somehow they have to be fullfilled. But there is light ahead. You have already managed to get on the list for public housing. That is well done and It seems that you can also get some social benifit, is that correct?
When I was homeless, more than 25 years ago, I could neither sign the contract of my flat, nor get anything at all from the state, because I was only 17, not old enough to have that "legal power". Sick isn't it? They advised me to go to a shelter (where the druggies, criminals and priostitutes were)and that was all the help there was. But I was a girl from the suburbs, who was just totally sicked even by the idea!
But there I was, both starving, wearing summer clothes in winter and without a roof over my head. So I stayed here and there, pretty much like you described under conditions where people take advantage of you...

The only hope I saw, was to have a family and so I got preagnant and eventually married. This was quite a risky thing to do, but it did work out very well indeed, even though my first husband was trouble.

But I once again left my home and all belongings behind and statred up a relatuionship with a dear friend of mine with whome I have now been married for kore than 20 years now.
he and my sons are my best friends, BUT don't think it's been easy!!! And it's not a coincidence that it has worked out, I worked very, very hard for this and like your said often it is better that one doesn't have children.

teh problem with relationships is that far too often people from the outside will interfere with them and turn people members of a family against each other and then you are left with even less than being alone.
Many, many families break up that way!!!

As for me, I have always insisted on very, very strict disciplin and loyalty of those close to me and that's why we do so well together.

But still life offers us so many challenges and even though we do so much to get things to work out, when you live what you believe, you are always at some kind of a risk. the bottom line is: My life can also be completely shattered from one second to another and there is no safety net at all below us.

May I ask you about your medical condition? Are you willing to tell me, what is wrong?
Perhaps I know of something, that could help you...
(But do contact me per e-mail!)

Also you were talking about psychological and physical abuse...
very interesting subject for me, too! As a matter of fact, I have been thinking a lot about writing a book on that subject! I did not have a loving childhood either and the fact that it took place right in the center of the cold war, didn't help either. But it wasn't until I worked for the cred cross in a refugees' camp here in DK, that my eyes really started openeing up. on a course about torture I realized "Wow, I guess, my childhood wasn't quite in harmony with the conventions of Geneva..!"

Bottom line is: Many people use emotional blackmail, psychologial torture, physical abuse in order to be cause over others and their environment. as a child you are of course even more exposed than grown ups.
So I would like to shed a little light on that subject, because it isn't only sexual abuse that is harmful, other things can destroy a person just as much.

If you would like to tell me your experiences (on e-mail, not public:, I would be very interesting, indeed.

One more thing comes to mind: what skills do you have? Is there any way, you can make a living on any of them?

And something for yourself: have you thought of having a diary or writing a book just for yourself about your experiences?
I've read many times, that this sort of thing should help people to see things more clearly and to get on with life. I have to admid, I haven't really done that yet. I write fiction stories, which I can emotional connect to and that is good enough for me...

But since I am saying that, i have actually written one non-fictional book which also tells my story along the side...

anyway, I'm looking foreward to hearing from you again. love, sarah sofia

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

one more thing:
being as tallented as you are (judging by the postcard-drawing)I am sure you must be able to get a job or at least some freelance-work as an illustrator!!!
we are currently renovating one of our stables and when the gallery is done, you could also exhibit here...
good luck! sarah sofia

Bridget Jones said...

Thanks for posting that, Rhi. I loved both the song and the video. She sure is talented....

Lydia said...

I am so excited about a blog I found tonight. This guy has amazing postcards/vintage interests. As I was browsing I came upon this post about Kate Bush and this exact album!
I sent him a link to your post so you are cross-referenced.