Sunday, February 01, 2009

Captivity.....another poem I wrote from my archives


In the distance
I hear an echoing
of cries
almost animalistic
in it's language...

I search through the dark wooded path
looking towards a bright beaming light
it crackles and spits out sparks
that seem to rise above
like glistening stars
looking down on midnite
reminding me
of the mystical ancient times long ago
that never held us captive
but in an essence of rapture
that was captivating
and enlightening all souls...

Written March 2006 by Rhiannon (Barbara) Copyrights owned by me..


Devika said...

That was a raw thought, Rhi

Very original, and I loved it :)

hope you are doing fine, my dear

love, always

sister celtic said...

Hiya Rhi just a quick note to thankyou so very much for your valued comments as an artist towards our achievement in the photographic field you encouraged us to do it and so you are part of the big picture and we thankyou so much.It was an honor I did stop to say hi to PM but he had just left to go on a call.. Bummer...Again thanyou much love and appreciation for your friendship and talent.. I'll post something okay.. wish you had been there..

Muhd Imran said...

The poem and the accompanying photo is captivating. The many talents you have is just amazing to me.

Thank you for sharing.

Art and Poetry said...

Very nice indeed! and a beautiful picture

I hope you are keeping well!