Friday, January 20, 2006

Naked Trees in Winter..

Naked Trees
Stand in lonely Winter
Branching out
Towards Spring

*Andrew and I seemed to have written similar writings at the same time frame but he told me go ahead post

my writing and my photos anyway..


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I really like it! That's so weird that we say and thought the same thing ---

Peg said...

I love naked trees and I also like the fact that two of you feel it!!
Naked trees are a definite sign of changes in life and I too feel it!

And thanks Rhi for your comment on the news post. Not to worry, good always prevails over evil! ;-0}
Thanks for your support!
all my love,

ardi k said...

Yeah! Let's hear it for trees. Naked, or fully clothed -- just right around the corner. And thanks for introducing me to Andrew. Poetry & pix -- love it.

Rhiannon said...

Yes it is Andrew isn't it? Tree's reaching out for warmth and "spring"..can't wait for spring!..:-)


Me too Peg, and yes it was ironic that Andrew and I had similiar thoughts in words on pics on trees! I like trees all year long whether naked, full or "half clothed"..;-)

Your welcome and I am so proud of you Peg as one woman to another!

Love ya!


Ardist, thank you. You should write a poem about that, "trees, naked or fully clothed". I really like those words! I'm glad you connected with Andrew you two have something most definitely in common!