Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jim Morrison Drawing...did this at age 17..

Did this when very young so I know its not fine tuned or anything..but hey at age 17 what is? Thought of making it into t-shirts a while back so I fiddled with some colors and design on it on photo express...but now there are Jim t-shirts everywhere!...anyway I remember I mentioned I would post this drawing on my blog..so here it is!


Carol said...

It reminds me of portraits I drew as a teenager. The difference is you kept at it. It looks pretty fine to me.

Glad to have you back!

Anonymous said...

In 1960-61 Jim Morrison had a 14 year old Girlfriend named Martha Clark. In 1962 she gave birth to a Son who is now named Chris Bangs. Not the Jazz artist Chris Bangs. This guy lives in Memphis. He has been is several bands and has never claimed to be Morrison's son. He was in the original tribute band Mojo Risin. I found some mp3's of him doing Jim on Kaza, they are spooky good. I cant find anything for sale. There is another alleged son of morrison named Cliff, he looks like an ugly version of Jim. His music is forced and you can tell he is trying too hard to copy morrison in both words and music.

Rhiannon said...

I guess I will take that as a compliment! Thanks Carol.

What interesting information anonymous. I've heard some stories myself about things like this. I would love to see what this guy who "doesn't" claim to be Jim's son (but sounds like might be a chance he is)looks and sounds like.

I've always felt a connection to Jim Morrison ever since the first time heard his lyrics, music and the doors. I always felt he was just an ancient "old soul" living in modern times but not "of them". Maybe that happened for a reason and maybe he is some place else now "right where he belongs" in another "space in time"..could be you never know!

I disliked the movie based on Jim's life, it was too exploitive and unrealistic to the book I read it was based on. Also many people that knew him well felt the same way. I felt it was not a true interpretation of Jim at all. I especially disliked the way they portrayed Nico in the movie as some full figured air headed blond bomb shell, which she was so totally not! She was a very tall, very slim, model type (was a model for a bit)large boned German woman with small hips and breast, and I loved her voice,songs and music. Very unique. She was a very mystical ancient type soul much like Jim I felt, which I felt was their attraction for one another. Jackson Brown wrote quite a few songs on her first album when he was still a teenager and hanging out with the Andy Warhol Velvet Underground type people (Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, one of my fav groups also) I still have Nico's first album and most of her others including the last one they released after she died falling off of her bike.

I love Jim's book "The American Night" the writings of Jim Morrison "Volume 2".

What an interesting era that was I was glad to be a part of it and experience some of it. Some things just stay with you forever.

Thanks for sharing the info..

Blessings to all,

Imran said...

Very fine work, at at 17! Must be fulfilling to have a job doing what you love - the arts.

Anonymous said...

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