Saturday, January 07, 2006

Must Love Dogs....


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I never heard of this ---

I found a way to put a picture on my blog for a haiga!

Carolyn said...

Mornin' Rhia! I haven't seen this movie but it sounds interesting. I don't think I could handle dating these days. Like you, I would be a-feared of those online services. I prefer eyes across the table.

Funny story: My ex-boss from 2 years ago was a jerk. He fancied himself to look like Richard Gere although he didn't. He was married w/2 kids but he didn't want to be married or a dad. Well, his wife's best friend broke them up (he let her), and just recently I ran into another old coworker and she said look on Yahoo's dating site. I did, and there he was! And lying like a dog in his profile! Said he was into fitness/sports (shoot, he wouldn't even walk across the floor to get himself a drink of water. He'd ask me to bring him things). He even lied about having kids! But when I saw his profile, I still died laughing because he used to comment that only losers use those services. Now there he was, lol!

DwayneinBonanza said...

I guess I need to read it your blog before I ask questions lol aout a movie.

Hale McKay said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I bought it for my daughter for Christmas. She loved it.

Rhiannon said...

I know you did Andrew isn't it cool? So glad for you..

Well Carolyn yeah you are right it is pretty scary, you have to be careful which is why I always met them in a very public place, but I don't regret the expereinces because I learned a lot from them and about myself. And this story you tell sounds very "Familiar" I've heard it so many times. Its so much easier to be dishonest in "writing" online than in person I think. Most people I meet tell me the only way they meet and date people anymore is from online things have changed and I don't like it!..:-(..gosh your soulmate could be just down the street or even a neighbor or someone you run into at a store..;o)..I knew and loved one soulmate for many many years and its taken me a few years to realize there can be more than one soulmate in our lifetime..I believe this to be true now. But who knows if it will happen? I'm just not a "casual dater" though I tried it it just doesn't work for me..I don't think it ever will. I'm a very committed type person.
Thanks for sharing that funny story.
Dwayne if I really really like a movie I see and am impressed by it and the actors, I usually will post something about it on here so keep checking in!

Maybe your daughter has had some similiar experiences as the movie and I had and she can relate Hale? That's a nice gift to receive for Christmas! I think I will purchase the movie myself. Anything really good like that I can watch quite a few times for years to come.

Good to see you all,(eeer rather "read you")