Friday, August 26, 2005

Happy Friday!

Will post a few more "Artpics" and some thoughts later this weekend...Rhi

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Sunday, August 21, 2005


This is a song by Stevie Nicks. I listened to it the other day and always somehow related to the words a lot but for different resasons than the song was written for. Pretty sure Stevie wrote it about Jane Goodall, (someone correct me if I'm wrong) her studying and loving connection with the chimpanzee's. I think I have just about all of Stevie's music...however still looking for the one with just her and Linsey Buckingham singing as a couple...wwaaaaayyy back when....


Such a little girl such a hard life
She could look a challenge right between the eyes
Disappointment would become her middle name....
Up against the wall, Jane.....
So her nights became nightmares
as she fought for their souls
And the days became worse
for the ones she had lost
Children of the world
the forgotten chimpanzee
in the eyes of the world
you have done so much for me....

There are angels, angels here on earth....angels...
There are angels here on earth...
Angels.....sent by God
Come away from the wall....stay with us
Well you can, Jane

So she watched as they put them all into cages
Well they might as well have caged her very own baby
They might as well have put us both into prison
Through a window....all our sorrows...
would become our only visions.....
Nothing more

There are angels here....angels
There are angels here on earth....angels
You will never feel....that you have ever done enough
But you have, Jane

Such a little girl such a hard life
You could look a challenge....straight between the eyes
Disappointment would become her middle name
Up against the wall, Jane
Nothing more than the shadow of a man
Come away from the wall, Jane
Well they might as well have put us both into prison
Come away.....if you can, Jane
Through a window...all our sorrows.....
will become our only visions
Come away, Jane
Come away.....come away if you can

In the eyes of the have done so much...

Friday, August 19, 2005

No words are necessary for this one..

Mystical lady.......

I did this a while back, its a photo of me that I kind of "fiddled" with and here's how it came out...not as good as I had "imagined" it in my "Minds eye" but a bit interesting....some more thoughts below from my Journal.

2:00 am......Full Moon...

I awake to moonglow through my window
blinding glory upon my bed.....
nightglow esscence..
Sleepy warm thoughts
wrap me up in peace and contentment...
For now this is all I need...
for now my heart is full....
in the moment...
My soul opens to a door without a lock
and to the other side of my Dreams....


Monday, August 15, 2005


Welcome everyone I'm Rhiannon, this is all very new for me but I think I'm up for the challenge. I hope to make my blogsite a very safe protective type environment for people to not feel threatened or intimidated either. Maybe this will turn out to be a place where people will know in time, that they can come here and share their thoughts or feelings about the state of the world, the universe, a bit of "soulsearching", their "concerns" about where we are now and where are we going. I have hope for the world and feel that we are all "connected" but in order to accept this a bit of "openess"is required and the knowledge that we are not alone and yes there are "earthangels" all around us....believe me I know for I've experienced this.

I am a rather creative person and live my life that way..its who I am. I'm an Artist,writer, poet, love to dance, love music , very adaptable and open to all kinds of music new and old rap, whatever. My favorite poets are Edna St. Vincent Millay and Jim Morrison..yes quite eclectic aren't I?...:o) I think this country is based on diversity and hope that different views and thoughts can be shared without others trashing one anothers opinions but instead accepting that we all are allowed to have our own thoughts and opinions and yet be open to others its a way of growing and learning and a good form of "tolerance"..this is my hope for this site..kindness, truth, understanding, reaching out to one another,speak up don't be afraid this is a free country after all and we must continue to keep it this way by not being afraid to speak up,fear holds us go for it!..but be nice and lets give each other a little support and caring at the same time shall we? least we can try..I believe we can...and its okay to get angry sometimes it happens just don't attack anyone just "Express yourself and let it out" in a healthy way..we can do this!

I will share more about me in the weeks to come..and put some photos I like in here as a form of expressing myself, who I am where I am coming from..for now I hope you will feel free to come in and just say a "hello" and speak from your heart and soul anything you want..a bit of "soulsearching" if you will..feel free and welcome to a "safe place" where Angels abound...Angel Blessings, Rhiannon

Friday, August 12, 2005

The Dance........

This is Robert Mirabal one of my favorite musicians, storyteller, dancer, artist, poet, and he makes his own flutes, all kinds shapes and sizes that make different sounds....He "Dances the Dance"...I "Dance the Dance" also it helps free your spirit and release the tensions of the world, all this weight the burdens that we all carry....Try the "Dance", its "spirits way of talking to you" and allowing you to free yourself from all this fear and hate going around in the world..brothers and sisters come together once again.. its time...

"Little child walking all alone, lost and lonely losing faith with my world...can you take it away can you kiss it away,.can you take me away can you carry me away?...maybe we're the mirror that reflects all......maybe we're the mirror that reflects all"

I recommend you check out Roberts cd and PBS video concert "Music From A Painted Cave"...most of the music is live on the cd and the PBS video concert of it is AWESOME! You can purchase it online on Amazon. "The Dance" (below) is one of the best songs, but in this cd there are no "bad songs" not a one...not to me at least..

The Dance

When there is doubt there is hope
when there is fear there is love
when there is hate there is peace
when there is suffering there is the dance

A dance a dance a dance of hope
A dance a dance a dance of love, I dance a dance a dance of peace
I dance to dance I dance the dance...ah ha, ah ha, ah ha....oooo yeah...wooo..

Saturday, August 06, 2005


I just watched the movie "Serendipity" with John Cusak (of course one of my favorites actors) and there was a bit in the movie when "Jonathon" and his friend are talking on the plane and his friend is telling Jonathon how proud he is of him for believing in and trying to "make his dream come true" and his friend shares with Jonathon the words of an ancient philosopher, who said "If you want to improve be content to be thought foolish and stupid". I agree this is what having courage sometimes is all about, not going along "with the crowd" or what you think everyone thinks you "should" do but what you believe in your soul is the "right thing" to do for yourself...its not easy for some will make fun of you and tell you not to be yourself and laugh at you sometimes when you are....but thats the beauty of it..and the courage of it....if you do it anyway you are a "Phoenix rising above the ashes" flying high above all the "bull". I never got to see this movie the whole way through so now I'm glad I finally decided too! Look what I might have missed!

What is a Wounded Healer?

A Wounded Healer is an archetype who is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardships, from a physical injury or illness, or maybe even to the loss of almost all of one's possesions and or way of life that "used to be". The challenge of the wounded healer is that they are unable to turn to others much for help beyond certain degrees of support. If it is an illness or an accident, it will frequently be one for which there is no conventional cure. The wounded healer archetype emerges in your psyche with the demand that you push yourself to a level of inner effort that becomes a process of transformation rather than an attempt to heal an illness. If you complete the "initiation", you tend to experience an exceptional healing within (and knowledge)a vast improvement, but not a "cure", and a path of being able to be of service and help others with their health, illness, suffering is provided shortly after the intiation is complete. There is a "connection" of understanding and empathy to others and a feeling of energy,"picking up" vibrations and actually feeling the others pain "within" and the wounded healer will at times be able to take that pain or suffering away from others (just by touch and communication)and actually feel it enter into them which they must feel and process through and out of them, or they will "carry" it around inside of them....feeling the others "illness, pain, or suffering" entering through them can be very physically draining and wear them they learn how to process this into and out of them through energy channels and "releasing it" . They can pick up on things most people don't even notice or observe of others and things going on around them. There are many times I wish I didn't. Its not an easy road but one that actually is looked at as a gift..learning to embrace and accept this archetype of oneself can only happen through the "initiation" of a serious health issue and loss that has affected them to the point of a serious struggle and challenge in their lives. I have met quite a few interesting people during this time of my "struggles" through the years who have seen this in me almost "immediately" ..they have been on a spiritual path for many years,a few Native American Indian "medicine men" that knew this about me immediately without knowing me or a thing about me but just upon meeting me..There have been a few people with great insight and intuition, and some alternative medicine "Healers" I've met through the years who also knew this about me right away, and they all have helped to spiritually educate me so I could learn to understand, embrace and acknowledge this about myself, and they have been great teachers for me to "learn and face the many lessons" as I go down the path of the road less taken. I claim no miracle experience or cures whatsoever, I have no medical license nor degree to practice anything medical nor do I do any of that. However I have studied in the past to become a medical assitant and have done lots of medical reading through many years when searching to understand my health issue. I learned a lot. I also have studied dreamwork for many years, I continue to. Only the dreamer can really interpret their own dreams but it helps to have another who can kind of help show you the way to what they may represent for you what your dreams might be trying to tell your or make you aware of. If you wake up and remember any of your dreams have a pad and pen next to your bed and write down as much as you can remember,not details, but most important things that really kind of "hit" you, then go look at what you wrote the next day and think what your dream might be trying to say to you.

I would love to hear others share some of their experiencs in their "strong archetypes" that they have learned about themselves. Feel free to share.

Spirituality is not just always "letting things go" when you really haven't dealt with things and use that term as a "cop out" or to run away and not deal with the issue at hand. Its not about denying the other person who is taking the risk and chance to try to communicate and be "real" with you, but you refuse this because your in denial and its too hard to deal with. Spirituality is a lot to do with "coming clean" admitting vulnerability,becoming compassionate, taking risk to be "real" enough and considerate enough to "listen" and "hear" "the other side" and making the effort to do "conflict resolution" with them..its amazing how much someone who has a need to always control is always making others feel bad about themselves or telling others "to let it go" in passive agressive behavior in order to make the other who is trying so hard to be honest open and real with you feel as if its "all their problem"..there is way to much of this type of control going around and its getting much much much so that many have become so fearful they completely shut down..and maybe if there was less of this type of arrogance and control going around there might be less wars, more love,real friendships,and real relationships.

Well thats enough for now..I'd sure like to hear others input on this and their feelings thoughts and expereinces..

Oh by the way I'm a Pisces with Leo rising..

Angel blessings,