Sunday, February 28, 2010

I'm on a Rickie Lee Jones music kick this week....

Here are two Rickie Lee Jones Videos.....I have her "Pirates" album....have loved it and never tire of it either.....however I could not find any of her songs from her best (at least to me) album "Pirates" available on Youtube. "Skeletons" from that album and all the rest of her songs in the album are beautiful, with great poetical lyrics and beats. "Skeletons" is so very beautiful but a sad song. Her songs have always been very "spiritually visual" to me. I also have her album (CD) "Traffic From Paradise" which is also my second favorite album of hers...could not find any of the songs on youtube from this album either...strange? I found these two songs and videos (from youtube) that I really like of hers instead. Hope you enjoy them.

"She washes her wings in the dirt
apparently the bar is filled with Angels
cause the world is turned upside down
all of you have been walking on your head
since the day your feet touched the ground
any day we will go home
any day we will go home now...
oooh ooooh pink flamingos....
fly pink flamingos
oooh fly pink flamingos
love, love, love".....

"Pink Flamingos" written and sung by Rickie Lee Jones from the Album "Traffic From Paradise".

**Also I wanted to let you know that I am going to go into the "deep archives" of my blog and will be posting many of my poems I've got in there from almost the past 6 years of my blog. I will be posting these poems from the past for the next 6 months or so. So drop by and I hope you enjoy them or that you might find some of them meaningful to you. So anyone that is fairly new to my blog will have a new experience with my writing and poems...and those of you who have been around my blog for many years will probably remember some of them. I've written so many poems in the last 11 years and there will be a lot to share. I've not written too many poems in the last 2 years or so...hope I "get back" some of the "Free flow writing" once again down the road. I've just recently started journaling and writing again.**

Thinking of all of you and here's hoping for our dreamweaving and hopes for a better more kind and compassionate and coming together more "as one" world.....don't give up on the world or our fellow human beings....that only makes us lose hope..take a deep breath and begin a new day with sunshine in your heart..."regardless" of the worlds and our own pain. "One day and one step" at a time....feel blessed.

Love Always,
With Angel Blessings,


"Flying Cowboys" and "Satellite"videos by Rickie Lee Jones.


Michael Manning said...

Haven't heard from this artist in quite a while! :)

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

So nice you've had such a lovely time with your sweetheart! He looks like a nice gentleman, too.

I can't read your poem below, the poem colours are too faded, perhaps you can changed them a little?

I also love Sarah McLaughlin...
thanks for posting her songs...

I just remembered, you also like spiritual things and are not fond of crappy docs... Read this post, it not really a sad story, but a very spiritual one: