Wednesday, November 11, 2009

With respect to all the soldiers and veterans of's time for peace now, to move forward into "Change". Enough of lost lives already!

Video songs
1. Bobby Darin "Simple song of Freedom"
2. Black Eyed Peas "Where is the Love"?
3. Cyndi Lauper "What's going on"?


Lydia said...

Rhi, these videos are great for Veteran's Day remembrance. I adore Cyndi Lauper, but tonight the Bobby Darin song hit me in the sweetest way. I'd never heard him sing that song before and think it is really special.

Beach Bum said...

You would be surprised how many real veterans don't want anything to do with war. They know first hand how wasteful, destructive, and ultimately futile everything that involves the killing of people is.

There are the freaks that base their existence on the power they feel when at war but, believe it or not, most of the time officers try and filter them out. They are a bigger danger to others and themselves.

Another type that rushes back to the front are less about killing than wanting to complete the mission and even do some good. Whether such efforts are worthy, that’s strictly up to the individual.

All the patriotic and nationalistic crap goes out the door while in combat with your sole responsibility covering the back of your buddy while he covers yours.