Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trying to define poetry through a simple poem of mine...

Poetry Is.............

In poetry there is darkness
in poetry there is light
there is sweetness
there is day
there is night
in poetry there is happy
there is soul
there is sappy
in poetry there is sorrow
and writing
about a better tomorrow
in poetry there is rebirth
in going through the pain
in poetry there is brightness
and sunlight
or embracing the rain
in poetry there is "change"
and not always
a happy refrain
in poetry it's never the same
in poetry it is "real"
because in poetry
it's always writing
about how you truly feel......

*Graphic Art design done by Rhiannon via fiddling around on my Photo Express*

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) Oct. 26th, 2009
*@Copyrights* owned by Rhiannon (Barbara R.)


Ardi K said...

This is a beautiful poem, Rhi. Thank you for the support of all poets. And you are one of my favorites.

Beach Bum said...

I have always had difficulty with poetry. In fact I had a seventh grade English teacher for whom I have an undying love with her efforts to get me to understand the better parts of poetry but her efforts for the most part futile.

Your poem though did break through my mental mess and has done more to make me understand poetry than I thought possible.

What I didn't mention was a Japanese adjunct college English professor I'm sure who would stabbed me with his ninja sword if he had one available when I had his class about fifteen years ago.

Kylita said...

Amen to that, SisSTAR of Poetic Justice and Enlightenment!
Glad to come visit your blog and find this tonight. I still seem to face "writer's blockage" and hope it will loosen its grip on me soon as I NEED very much to somehow get out what I'm feeling within. Just been really down. I hope to write you soon. I was going to write you a card last wk and realized once again that all I have is your old address, the PO Box you said not to use any if you could maybe send it again? (sorry)
Enjoyed this poem very much, thank you.
SisSTAR Kylita xo

goatman said...

A poem about poems . . .I love it.
And every word truth.
I have been lax lately, in the poetry department, but your inspiration helps to push my syrupy gumption forward. ooooof