Saturday, January 20, 2007

Souless Vision...

I heard your voice
echo from afar
so distant and strange
yet the memory remained...

Your arrival so long ago
walking into my world
yet always standing
from a distance......
my heart contracted
feeling your resistance
your comfort
from my prescence
your fading love
pulled away
and you had nothing to say
as your memory
turned to silver and grey
frayed and torn
trying to find your way
through the maze
of your ambition
as your eyes were lost
in your own souless vision.

Your memory slowly fades from me now..

Written by Rhiannon (Barbara R.) Jan. 2007
copyrights owned by Barbara R.

1 comment:

Dreaming Firefly said...

Memories, precious they may be..
Yet many times, it's memories that hold one back.. away from reality..

Maybe, it's time to move on again from here.. =) Of course, with Angels looking over you..
Hugs and Smiles.. =)